You needn’t own a bricks and mortar business to enjoy the benefits of text message marketing. In fact, there are many opportunities for internet marketers to utilize this powerful marketing tactic. Not sure how to get started? Check out these tips for implementing an effective text message marketing strategy.

Offer Flash Sales and other Discounts

Online consumers are always on the lookout for special offers. Simplify their search for texting flash sales and other discounts for your e-commerce site. About 90 percent of texts are read within three minutes. This means that recipients are likely to quickly see and engage with your offers sent via text.

A powerful tactic for boosting revenue through the use of text message marketing is to text special offers to your subscribers on days when your site traffic and sales are traditionally lowest. For example, if sales usually slump on Wednesdays, send out a 24-hour flash sale text on Wednesday morning. This should give you a nice mid-week boost and will satisfy those subscribers looking for deals on your products.

Enhance your Customer Service

Want a faster way to engage with customers who are navigating the purchasing process of your e-commerce site? According to How to Make Text Message Marketing work for your E-Commerce Company, a powerful option is to add a customer service element to your text message strategy. Rather than having to call or email your customer service department with questions, your site’s users can simply text their questions and receive a response in moments. Customers will appreciate the opportunity to quickly resolve their ordering questions or technical errors. Of course, you’ll need to train your staff on this new customer service element and clearly state your hours of texting service to customers.

Send Transactional Details

A great use of text messaging by online marketers is texting transactional details to customers rather than sending those details through email or by paper in the mail. On your e-commerce ordering page, give customers the option to receive their receipt and shipping details via text or email. The phone numbers of customers who opt to receive transactional details via text can then be added to your SMS list and receive your future text offers. If a significant number of customers opt to receive their transactional details via text, you’ll have strong evidence that this communication platform may work well with your target market.

Text Related Products

Want to increase your number of repeat customers? Entice past customers by texting details of products that are similar to what they previously bought. For example, past customers who bought red leggings on your site could be sent a text that describes the latest leggings available on your site. If you really want to prompt a repeat purchase, add a discount code to the text.

The texting of related products typically requires more robust list building techniques. For example, you’ll need to track the purchase histories of your customers and your database must allow you to sort your customer lists based on those purchase details.

Consider Message Timing

An important detail, apart from the actual message content, to consider regarding text message marketing is the send time of each message. The time of day you send texts can impact how many subscribers see the texts in a timely manner and, also, how many will engage with the texts.

Determine the prime time to text your lists by implementing an A/B test. Basically, A/B testing your text message send times means that you’ll divide your list in half and send each message at a different time of day. The text with the highest open and engagement rates is the winner. You can continue A/B testing your send times until you settle on the time of day that’s most likely to receive the highest open and engagement rates.

Ramp up your e-commerce marketing efforts by implementing a text message marketing strategy. From sending flash sales and other discounts via text to texting transactional details and using this tactic to enhance your customer service, there are many ways to capitalize on the power of text message marketing.