If you are off to remodel your house and give it a makeover, you might have heard of the term “exposed aggregate concrete”. In fact, it is so popular that you hear it every now and then and you can’t help thinking – what is this exposed aggregate and why is it so popular? Let this article be an end for all your doubts so that you can make up your mind if you really want to integrate this type of design in your house or not.


What Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?


Exposed aggregate concrete or exposed aggregate is a type of finish on the cement that acts exactly as its name – reveals all the aggregates of the cement in an elegant manner so as to make your cement finish look beautiful. One of the most popular types of cement finishes to have seized the market these days, the exposed aggregate finish make sure that rocks, small pieces of granite and other particles come out from the layer of cement so that your floor or countertop or the surface is beautiful at the end of it all.


Types of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Designs

  • Topping Aggregate: This design entails a solid coating of cement in the base. Then comes the top coat of aggregates which can be designed in any way that the customer wants.
  • Polished Aggregate: This type of aggregate concrete is recommended for indoor spaces. Unlike all other designs, this aggregate gets its glow by being worked on by a grinder or any other suitable instrument. This also has the special characteristic of being non-skid – a trait it shares with none of the other designs.
  • Seeded Aggregate: This design is for the ones who want to have full control over how the design on the concrete appears. It is similar to topping aggregate as in they both have a layer of solid cement as the base. In seeded aggregate, however, the aggregates are put in via hands when cement is wet. It is a time-taking process however; the beauty of the end result makes it all worth it.

Advantages of Employing Exposed Aggregate Concrete

  • Being a type of decorative concrete, these designs blend well with other decorative designs like the mosaic and so on. Apart from the ton of designs that you can get in this category, these designs are also of the non-skid material which ensures that it helps you walk properly without falling.
  • The quality of this type of concrete is hard and strong enough to have a lasting shine, even despite a heavy amount of foot traffic. Exposed aggregate concrete is also resilient to any kind of weather condition, be it rain or wind, snow or hail.
  • One of the most important features of exposed aggregate concrete designs is that they need very little maintenance. You can mop the floors as you would normally do – with a mop and some cleaning solution. You can count on the floors as it will look like a brand new one even after 30 years of installation. The only thing that you have to take care of is the resealing of the floor every 4 years or so.

Add in the cheap and affordable design installations in the first place, you should be able to see what a cost saver these types of designs are. You may have to pay a bit more than a regularly brushed floor but1 factor in the durability and wear-resistant nature in the reasonable price spectrum and you would understand the appeal of exposed aggregate concrete designs in your home or your office.