One little-known type of ladder you can purchase for your home is the podium step ladder. This clever type of ladder was designed by people who took safety and reliability into account when considering the average homeowner. When you need to perform basic maintenance to your home, such as cleaning gutters, painting, or changing lightbulbs, it can be difficult to do so without a steady ladder. Footstools are often not tall enough, and their lightweight design is nearly useless for outdoor use. In addition, traditional ladders often require a second person to maintain balance, and present multiple safety issues if used improperly. For these reasons and more, you need to consider a type of ladder with the durability of a steel ladder and the steadiness of a step ladder.


Podium steps provide low-level height access, with an adjustable height and guardrail. This design was created to offer greater safety, when working alone, at heights above the reach of an average human. Whether you must replace old light fixtures, take down holiday lights, or replace a ceiling tile, this type of ladder will allow you to do so with minimal risk.

That said, there are certain measures that must be taken to ensure safe use of podium step ladders. As with any structure designed to lift a person off of the ground, there is a risk of injury due to a fall. Even the gated podium and guardrail are not foolproof protection from such an incident. Therefore, you must be sure to place all equipment onto the podium from ground level when possible and ensure that the gate is securely closed behind you every single time you use it.

Take the time to find level ground wherever possible, to ensure that the ladder is steady and strong during use. An improperly balanced podium ladder may tip or jolt at an inopportune moment, causing damage to the property, yourself, or the ladder. By taking the time to be aware of your surroundings, and following basic safety precautions without exception, you can utilise your podium safely around your property.


The biggest benefit of choosing this type of ladder is the cost-effective nature of its design. Without stretching your budget too far, you can add a podium ladder to your collection and enjoy its use for years. After just one or two implementations, the low price is returned to you in the form of faster, more effective results, with less time wasted trying to keep yourself steady while you work. In addition, the design of this ladder is such that you no longer require the aid of a second person, which can save more money depending on who you have do the work with you. There is no price too great in regards to safety and reliability, but the cost-effective nature of this option will make it possible for you to enjoy both without being forced to move your budget around. No matter what you choose to do after bringing it into your home, you will be glad of the addition after the first use.