In the recent years, India has made many strides in the medical field. There have been new institutions and hospitals cropping up in every city and town veritably every day. It is no wonder that many are actually coming all the way to India for treatment. Such is the case of those afflicted by brain tumor. They do not go empty handed: there are many brain tumor specialty hospital in india that they can have their pick from on. Read on to know all about this condition.

What is Brain Tumor?

A brain tumor occurs when the cells accumulated within the brain show morbid development that may or may not be cancerous in nature. A primary tumor originates in the brain when the cells in the brain have started developing abnormally. On the other hand, a secondary brain tumor is when these cells are of different organs and end up in contact with the brain.

Symptoms of Brain Tumor

The first signs of a tumor in the brain differ in correlation with the kind of tumor and where the tumor is. This is due to the fact that functions of the body are managed by varying facets of the brain. This causes the symptoms to vary in accordance with the location of the tumor. Sometimes it so happens that the tumors show no indication of existing till they have developed a lot. It is then that they cause a grave effect to the individual’s health. On the contrary, there are often gradual symptoms of brain tumor that show themselves over a period of time.

Who are Candidates for Brain Tumor Surgery?

If the health of the patients permits him/her, then he or she may go through surgery, as that is most suitable for the surgery. The kind of surgery that they will go through is dependent on factors like the situation and kind of tumor, the patient’s medical history, and the rate of development of the tumor. In some cases, the entire tumor is eliminated through the procedure of surgery, whereas in other instances, only a part of the tumor is cut out. The rest is treated with the aid of non-surgical methods.

Types of Brain Tumour Surgeries

There are many kinds of surgeries employed on brain tumor patients. These include biopsy, craniotomy, microsurgery, and a lot more.  The most commonly carried out procedure is that of craniotomy. Amongst minimally invasive alternatives are the Gamma Knife and Radio Knife surgeries. Along with these treatments, radiation therapy and chemotherapy may be incorporated before or after the surgery has taken place.

Why is India a Good Alternative for Brain Tumor Treatment?

India has many doctors well versed with the procedure of brain tumor treatment. There is also a plethora of dieticians and psychiatrists to boost the morale of the patients, who are bogged down by the seriousness of their ailment. To top it all, India has seen great rate in successfully treating patients, which is why it gets patients from all around the globe every year.

The brain tumor hospital in india are of top quality and guarantee the best treatment for its patients. It is no wonder that people from different continents come to India for their brain tumor ailments