Article and web writing is very different from the old and traditional way of how things are done when it comes to print publication. It must be basic, brief, search engine optimized and straightforward.

SEO has had a huge impact on the ways which web and article writers write and produce their material. In order to be successful then they have to consider SEO principles and techniques. It is very important if they want to get more exposure and increase traffic to their sites

Positioning a certain piece of content and making it more SEO friendly is the main goal of SEO. Rankings and ratings matter when it comes to SEO and the higher the better. Higher rankings mean a larger audience and increased traffic.

The Best Way To Make Your Content More SEO Friendly

Here are some simple steps that one can follow to make his or her content more SEO friendly.


The first thing that you must do is choose a topic or heading that is SEO friendly.

Try to opt for a topic or heading that has a niche and an edge. Choose something that is not common and very few people are talking or writing about. The less competition increases your opportunity of a getting a good and high ranking when it comes to search engine results.

You topic has to be specific and familiar; this way you will be able to produce good material. Make sure your content is original and well thought out. Being different and unique will make your work stand out and more SEO friendly.


Your headings are like your main goals. They have to be clever, catchy and informative. Also remember your headings must be SEO.

Most web crawlers and engine spiders siphon through web material looking for certain keywords and then they decide the position and ranking. They normally go through and check headings and various other areas and piece of content.

It is important that your heading has certain keywords and it should state exactly what the content or material is about.

The usage of subheadings is good SEO idea. Subheadings should be brief and they should, highlight what the paragraph or content is about. Make sure your subheadings are rich in keywords.


These links help the content and material index better.

These links are additional links to other material and content already written. They are used in providing additional info on the topic at hand.

Internal links can be a very useful tool when it comes to SEO. They help in directing search engine spiders and crawlers from different pieces of content and they are also quite helpful in the facilitation and in the indexing of the material you would have written.

Give and state links for good and highly ranked material to material that is yet to be indexed. Material and content that which is already highly positioned when it comes to search engine results and rankings can help improve and boost the rankings of unpopular material and content.


Most people seem to underestimate the power and the importance of keywords. Not knowing that the careful and proper selection can make a huge different in your SEO efforts.

Key words are certain words, phrases or sayings which are used by people when they are trying to find certain piece of info or when they are researching a particular topic or subject.

Choosing the correct keyword will definitely make your content rank much higher. It will show up amongst the top and best search engine results which will make it easier to find.

The more specific and specialized your material is, the higher your chances of your material getting a good SEO ranking.

Try to visualize the way people view and search for content online. SEO is simply a way of making search engines appeal and like you. Coming up with good keywords and topics is important. Frequently updating and uploading your material is vital. Work hard and be determined if you desire for your material to be SEO friendly.