Social media presence is inevitable in our lives. Presence, power, and popularity of the social media have been exponential in the recent years. Right from sharing pictures of the latest vacation on Facebook and Instagram to tweeting on the latest government policy to writing a blog on latest trends like fitness and finance, social media provides an effective sharing platform to everyone. It will be interesting to watch how the social media platform takes shape in the near future

Year end is the great time to reflect and think about what are the biggest social media trends to look out for in 2017 on all the platforms. Read on to know more:

  • Streaming videos for live updates:

This is going to be the popular trend in the coming years. Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Periscope has given us the freedom to live important stream events with our smart devices. It is going to be the biggest social media trend that allows customers to update and share live moments with the world.

It is an effective medium for the business enterprises as well for having live video calls and chats with the target audience to make the best out of the opportunity by engaging with the customer efficiently.

  • Excellent business tools for better decision-making:

Almost all the social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter are exploring the business opportunities to make profitable business decisions very seriously. Innovative business tools such as business profiles, ads creation from posts and analytics to understand and enhance the customer experience in terms of gaining insights and creating a niche target customer segment is going to be a trend in coming year.

  • Augmented reality and video climbing:

Facebook and Snapchat are going to watch the creation of more video content closely in 2017.It is catching the attention of marketers as well in leveraging business opportunities. Along with this, augmented reality (AR) features are going to be the forerunners in the coming year. Pokemon Go and selfies on snap chat set an example to watch out this space more in future.

  • Partnerships for live content and broadcast:

One of the trends to watch out in 2017 is the idea of exploring broadcast partnerships and singular focus on live streams and trending videos. Twitter made sure that live data is captured on recent happenings around the world through live content. This also gives an excellent opportunity and access to marketers and business enterprises on real-time information and growth opportunities.

  • Focused customer service:

Many social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are focusing on an increased customer support in all areas. This is going to be an interesting trend in 2017 in the form of multiple features to explore and make the process hassle free and convenient. There will be a dual focus on individual users and business enterprises as well.

The coming year will be path breaking for social media. Social media giants are leaving no stone unturned in making their platforms smoother and technically sound for a delightful customer interface. The New Year is going to be interesting to watch for latest trends and features on social media.