With so much technology around us these days, it isn’t uncommon to see children as young as a few years old already handling their own smart devices with expert precision. That is why you will need to consider modern alternatives for kids entertainment when hosting parties because you want them to be able to relate to the entertainment, otherwise they will get bored and eventually start screaming their heads off. Here are the top 3 picks of modern alternatives.

No DVDs? No Problem!

Children love movies and cartoons which is why this form of media has been prevalent in parties for a very long time. In order to incorporate a modern touch to this form of entertainment successfully, it would require more than a TV and a VCD of the particular show to be played on the TV to attract the attention of the kids.

What you can do instead is to hook your computer or if you have a big enough television screen, you could just stream the movies online from any legal sources online like Netflix, and then let the kids enjoy themselves. The best thing about this modern alternative is the fact that the library of movies are stored on a server and the kids can simply pick another movie to watch when they are done with the current one! This saves you form having to stock up on plenty of DVDs or Bluray CDs.

Having Plenty Of Fun With Apps

With smart devices came the explosion of modern-day apps that allow children to do everything from learning their ABCs to hunting down zombies and that is why you should definitely have this form of top kid entertainment at your party. The kids will instantly recognize that this is an app that they can play on and better yet if you manage to link the app to your TV itself, and transforming your phone into a controller in the meantime.

These modern twists to modern day performances for parties may seem trivial at best but it must be done if you want the kids at your party to be able to relate to the entertainment that you provide them. What you should also ensure is that you have the right kinds of entertainment that is safe for them to view and to enjoy. You should definitely watch the recommended age rating that is normally printed on the box or shown before the movie starts.