If you are planning to get married in the most exotic location than Italy would be the best place for you. It is a well known fact there is no better wedding destination in the world than Italy. In the past, famous celebrities and other notable people of the world have chosen Italy wedding venues to tie the knot. Italy has got the most superb places filled with nature’s beauty, glorious history, and incandescent scenery. The popular story of Romeo and Juliet also took in the backdrop of the serene Italian countryside. The Capulet home symbolizes love and reminiscent of old architecture and extravagant furnishings.

Some of the best reasons to marry in gorgeous Italian landscape are

  • There are dozens of exquisite places and sites to marry from Rome, Florence to Tuscany
  • The old castles, villas and country homes dating back to the 15th an 16th century are still preserved and look astonishing
  • There are some spectacular locations from the azure Italian lakes to pretty castles and grand houses
  • The Amalfi Coast and Capri is the most famous wedding venue with its colorful houses, turquoise seas, and tranquil bays.
  • The island of Sicily is rich with historical places, art, olive trees, folklore, and Mount Etna is also visible in the background too
  • The town of Tuscany is most loved by people getting married and tourist due to its ancient architecture, lush green scenery, rustic farmhouse, leaning towers, and sweet vineyards
  • The city of Florence is also a well-known place filled with sprawling gardens and stunning palaces
  • The secluded Umbria is the quietest and romantic place to get married with few tourists but splendid countryside in the surroundings
  • Last but not least who could forget Venice, the city on water. The city of Venice still has its charm after all these years and very romantic place if you want to float on a gondola in the canals surrounding the city.
  • Italian cuisine is one of the most delicious cuisines which some amazing meals and food
  • The people who decorate the venue, florists, stylists, and caterers are all professional and will try their best to make your wedding in Italy a memorable event.
  • The weather of Italy remains good throughout the year particularly from May to October
  • The Italian people are very friendly and loving and would love to be a part of your wedding

If you have a considerable budget and pick the right season then there are plenty of amazing wedding locations to plan and organize your dream wedding in Italy. There is a wide range of villas, castles, churches, beaches, and gardens which can be ideally suited for your wedding theme and style. Some of the best places to get married in Italy are

  • Venice

Venice has always been the favorite place to get married and also for honeymoon for thousands of couples. There are a rich history and art that surrounds the city apart from the flowing canals. Tying a knot in a gondola would be a one of kind experience


  • Vernazza

If people have an economical budget than Vernazza in the Italian Riviera is the best place for them. This incredible village also features in World’s most beautiful Heritage site. The bride and groom can choose the Old Monastery Town Hall or some of the extravagant cafes located inside the fort for their wedding

  • Tuscany

Of all the places in Italy, Tuscany has the most attraction and natural beauty which appeals to thousands of tourists every year. The grand hilltop castles, the flourishing gardens, the pristine stone mansions, and old vineyards are some of the ideal places to tie a knot with your loved one. The Villa Monsoglio located in the picturesque part of Tuscany offers serene countryside to marry in the outdoors.

  • Capri

The charming island of Capri is one of the most desired spots for weddings due to its breathtaking beaches, narrow alleyways, and pleasing architecture with tiny and white houses. The quiet places for intimate weddings include elegant hotels and restaurants.

  • Rome

Rome is also called the eternal city and the reason for it is there are numerous historical sites from the Colosseum and other beautiful monuments. Rome is the best place for you to get married whether you chose a terrace overlooking the city or a villa in the hills.

  • Amalfi Coast

If you want to wed in between stunning cliff tops, deep azure waters and serene landscape then Amalfi coast is the place for you. In this town, you will find the best food and wine and an exquisite wedding venue.

  • Lake Orta

Italy is known for its azure seas and pristine lakes which provide an amazing outdoor environment for a wedding. Lake Orta is not only gorgeous but surrounded by ancient Roman architecture

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