A home is a place of joy and comfort and made up of different rooms that each serve a specific purpose. The bedrooms are to rest and have a private moment, the lounges are for entertainment and relaxation, bathrooms are for washing and cleaning yourself, and the kitchen is for cooking food. The two most important rooms in the house are kitchen and bathroom due to their everyday usage and functionality.

Your day begins by first entering the bathroom and washing your face, brushing your teeth, and wiping your hands so that you can eat breakfast. After your breakfast and preparing your clothes, you again go to the bathroom to take a shower and clean your body so that you can dress and look nice. Bathrooms also serve as a place of quiet and solitude, and a person can easily take the stresses of work and life away by taking a warm shower. The bathroom is a proper room that is equipped with different features such as washbasin, a mirror, cabinets, toilet, a tub, a shower, racks for towels, and cups to hold essential bathroom accessories. The floor of the bathroom is mostly tile, and the light fixtures also play a part in giving a certain look of the bathroom.

The apartment is a small home that has either two or three bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The bathroom size of an apartment is usually not too small or big but can help a person to perform the routine tasks with ease. Bathrooms tend to have certain problems which are not common in other rooms of the house. The common bathroom problems include faucet leaks, drainage issues, running toilet, broken equipment, damaged tile floors, and toilet clogs. As an apartment owner, you can do certain repairs and replacement, but if there are continuous problems, then you should try to remodel and renovate the bathroom. Apart from improving the aesthetics of the bathroom, there are several other reasons to remodel the bathroom such as

  • It increases the worth of the apartment if you happen to sell the apartment and move to another location. Apartment buyers tend to have a particular interest in the look and standard of the bathroom
  • To improve the functions and safety of the bathroom. The minor leaks and drainage problems can increase unexpectedly and cause a lot of inconvenience for you. The slippery and broken tiles can make you fall and hurt yourself.
  • The plumbing of the bathroom tends to decline with time and requires a complete overhaul. If you want to avoid the common issues surfacing again, then remodeling is the best option to fix the plumbing issues once and for all.
  • You can easily install modern and efficient bathroom fixtures and accessories to make your bathroom more functional and attractive.
  • The renovation work would help to remove the mold and mildew, which is very common in damp and wet areas of the apartment, particularly in bathrooms.
  • You can increase the space of the bathroom if it is small and add extra space for storage and utility.

Apartment bathroom renovation would add a certain touch to the looks and feel of your apartment. The bathroom renovation is done by professional bathroom contractors and designers who are experienced and familiar with all the aspects of remodeling. The contractors know about the current trends and can style the bathroom by your ideas and even suggest you on how to update your bathroom space. The significant aspects of a bathroom renovation are

  • A low flow toilet

The modern toilets are quite compact in shape and design with hidden tanks. The hidden tank toilets are ideal for small spaces and would suit an apartment bathroom. The low flow models blend with the modern décor and allow you to save water when you flush.

  • The textured tile floor for your shower floor

There are numerous options when it comes to flooring and tile of the bathroom. The shower area tends to be slippery, and you should install a small but textured tile for the shower area, which will prevent you from slipping once the floor is wet. The ceramic and porcelain make the bathroom more attractive and are easier to clean and manage.

  • Add extra cabinet for storage

You can easily increase the storage space of the bathroom by installing a small cabinet. You can keep all the important bathroom utensils and accessories such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shaving foams, gels, body sprays, and even medicines.

  • Install a tub only if the bathroom has considerable space

The modern tubs are quite compact and exquisite in design but still take a portion of the bathroom space. You should only install a tub if you like to take baths in a tub sometimes.

  • Installing 2-inch plumbing pipes

The drainage of the bathroom can significantly improve if you install 2-inch drain pipes which cost the same as one-inch diameter drain pipe and suitable if the bathroom is more in use during the day and night.

  • The lighting of the bathroom

Your bathroom should have access to natural light in the day, but you should add an attractive lighting fixture that enhances the look of the bathroom in the night. You should add a small spotlight on the ceiling and recessed fixtures around the mirror.