The machinery and the motors with the manufacturing parts of servo possess great work potential and can last for many years when compared to other products by other manufacturing brands. However, one must note that the servo motors are highly sophisticated and they need proper tending periodically. According to servo repair companies care is something that is required when it comes to using these motors and by proper care they can work in the same way as a brand new motor would do.

The Type Of Checking One Can Expect from A Servo Motor Repair Company

Despite all the effort, sometimes there could be accidents or just by plain ill-luck the motors might experience glitches. This will affect the performance of the motor and could lead to drastic downfall of the productivity. It becomes necessary to hire professionals from Accu Servo Repair Services Company so that the problem can be spliced in the beginning stages itself. The professionals would look at the motor with a microscopic eye and evaluate the problems that are present and those that could occur due to improper maintenance.

The professional engineers who either visit the industry or look at the motors in the workshop will primarily target three major areas that could tell about the problem. The three major areas are looked upon as a preliminary test and here is what the professionals of a servo motor repair company would do.

Shaft Inspection

A servo motor or as a matter of fact any motor would need proper functioning of the shaft. A slight bend or voltage fluctuations can lead to malfunction of the shaft. The experienced servo repair companies would be aware of the fact. Therefore, shaft inspection is considered as the primary element of repairing. If there are any broken or damaged areas, the shaft is beaten back to shape in the hands of a professional or through the use of technology. Shafts, damaged severely, should be replaced and trying to repair them would only add to the burden.

Motor Cable Inspection

The servo motor repair company would ask the customers to send in the original cables used for the motor in the machinery. They would inspect the collaboration of the cables with the motor and test the signal strength. The balance is checked and the encoder is inspected to see if there are any glitches in it. This is very important as the efficiency of the motor depends upon the motor cables and the encoder.

Bearings Inspection

Bearings, believe it or not, are the most important parts in a motor. They allow free movement of the mobile parts and ensure that the motor runs without any problem. Therefore, the bearings are checked along with the running of the shaft. If there are any wobbles, even the slightest, it suggests that there is something wrong with the bearings. They could be easily replaced and are not costly.

After the preliminary examination of the servo motor, the professional engineers would prepare documentation on the problems and the things required to solve them. After getting the consent from the customers, they will go ahead and proceed with the repair of the motor.