Regardless of the amount of money you spent on the purchase of your industrial air cooler, the fact is that you will need to keep abreast with its maintenance needs if you hope for it to remain in optimum working conditions. This guide will give you an insight on how to not only maintain your industrial air cooler but also on what telltale signs you should look out for.

1) Make sure you Regularly Wash the Water Feed

Even if your industrial air cooler has its very own water feed, it is still wise to give it a thorough rinse ever now and then to wash out any slime or gunk that may have accumulated inside. This will also give you a good opportunity to perform a close up inspection of the feed to see if there are any leaks or parts that need to be amended.

Where there is a constant flow of water, one can often find mold or even slime in the confines of the water feed and in the pipes. Having the right tools to clean it will come in handy.

2) Necessary for Half-yearly Disinfection

With the proper maintenance of your industrial air cooler you essentially guarantee that it will have a long working order which is exactly what you want unless you enjoy having to spend more money having to buy another cooler within a short period of time.

Disinfection actually helps the industrial air cooler to remain in working condition, helping it to maintain optimum efficiency and it also helps to remove any odors that may be emitting from it. You should perform the disinfection by using a mixture of water and bleach that has a small concentration of chlorine in order to kill the mold that could be growing inside your industrial air cooler.

Be sure you do not use highly concentrated liquids to disinfect your industrial air cooler otherwise the chemicals may cause damage to it instead. Once you have thoroughly cleaned it, make sure you allow it to dry off completely before you put it back to use. It is also important that you know exactly what you are doing when you are performing the maintenance on your industrial air cooler but just in case you don’t have the right knowledge, never try to open the machine up any further.

There are companies providing maintenance services for any industrial air cooler that is suitable for people without the right knowhow. Don’t risk damaging your industrial air cooler beyond repair when you can easily leave it to the experts.