All the Christians around the world are not praying or following the Christian God –fearing way of life. They might not even have time to visit their church every Sunday. Surely, they are leading a life where probably they are in a mad rush to make their ends meet. But in this quest, they have not taken care of their spiritual well- being. There are many people who usually rush off to take the recourse to God when they are in trouble. Jesus helps them nevertheless, and it is only then that they realize that it is better to be close to Jesus all along. This kind of devotion is what many get later in their life and this is what makes the person complete a full circle in life.

However, there are a few people who believe in the words and miracles in the preaching and prayers of some good men. These men are not the usual common people born to live the life. Rather, they are unique because of their ability to connect with the Lord, the Savior at a very young age itself and then continue to follow that path of faith and devotion unswervingly. One such person is the Prophet TB Joshua, a popular figure in the Christian community today around the world. He is the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN.

How SCOAN and the Prophet are helping millions?

SCOAN or the Synagogue Church of All Nations is living up to its name and it is indeed a church that welcomes devotees from all nations around the world. The prophet had at first established the church out of very humble means and that same church has today grown up to become an organization that houses a church, a Faith Resort Ground and attain faith like never before.

Those Christians, who once doubted the existence of Jesus or His words today, are faithful Christian souls and they have found that Faith indeed, can move mountains. The prophet himself inspires people, brings them on the right Christian way of life, alleviates them from all kinds of pain and sufferings and help them become peace loving.

The prophet TB Joshua got the divine call from Lord at a very young age and since then he has embarked on the path of righteousness and devotion. He has been preaching the message of love and at the same time, healing thousands of people suffering from ailments like HIV AIDS, and cancer. The church has been welcoming thousands of people every week from various corners of the world who have now found great faith and belief that it is only with prayers and special healing from the prophet that they can get respite.

On visiting the SCOAN church, they find themselves surrounded by believers, who have got bliss by the grace of Jesus and the Holy Father. Here, faith is something that works wonders and today, it is winning hearts around the world by becoming a way of life for many.