In the tourism world, ecological consciousness is considered as very important. The hospitality industry has contributed a lot to the overall production of greenhouse gasses. Millions of people travel around the world each year and they should be concerned about how they have affected the environment. Therefore, it is important for the travel industry to make an effort in promoting green initiatives. It is important for travellers to choose more eco-friendly options, although it may not be possible for them to completely avoid causing greenhouse gas emission. As an example, major car rental providers, such as Avis, Budget and Hertz are offering more fuel efficient cars.

When renting cars, travellers should choose models that produce less greenhouse gas, such as hybrid cars. These cars should be SmartWay certified and meet the stringent US EPA standards. Each car should receive the Greenhouse Gas Score and Air Pollution Score. A car receives a score of 6 or better to get the SmartWay certification. Cars should have 28mpg or higher on the highway to be considered as efficient. In this case, we should consider researching on the more efficient car models. This will also help us to save costs on fuel. Other than choosing an efficient car, we should also go to eco-friendly hotels.

There are many hotels that provide eco-friendly solutions, such as those with recycling bins throughout the hotels, energy-efficient lighting, tap aerators, water-conserving showerheads and many others. They should also provide eco-cuisine menus that include various seasonal and local produces, preferably organically grown for maximum health benefits. Additionally, there should be significant reduction in the amount of animal protein. Not only meat is less healthy, growing cattle and poultry also produces a lot of greenhouse gas. Some smaller resorts and hotels own garden or plantation for the kitchen. Guests could also be invited to harvest produce each day.

Our emphasis when looking for food during a trip is to find delicious food that’s prepared in an environmentally friendly way. There are dozens of places around the world that offer highly unique hotel experience. Some hotels are actually quite self-sufficient, especially those with fewer number of rooms. These hotels could provide us with a positive vibe and we will experience a different situation upon arrival. We will have a chance of breathing a fresh air, because these hotels are often located in rural areas where produce can be grown.

The room should contain various sustainable and natural materials, such as organic wood veneers and cork. These materials should be integrated to the interior design. The pools should also be cleaned with as little chemicals as possible. Hotels located in rural areas should give us an opportunity to explore the tropical rainforest, private coastal beaches and other locations close to the nature. It is better than hotels in touristy areas with so much modern comfort that produce greenhouse gasses. The hotel could also be located close to the feeding areas of many wildlife, offering us an appreciation on how to preserve them. With eco-travel principles, we contribute in making the Earth a better place.