Segways are in demand now days. In the same way as other new products, segways can also be purchased anywhere in the traditional market or in online stores. These are available in various shapes and sizes but choosing the best one can be a difficult task. If you are looking for the best mini segway hoverboards then you must check some features that we have shown here. Does it has built in speakers which you can cnnect to your mobile? does it has a GPS?

Here we will cover most of the questions that you have in your mind. There are many types of hoverboards available in the market. There are hoverboards that have wheels and some have airwheel. In terms of concept, both are almost same. Both have wheels in their edges but one hoverboard use wheels in order to move and another one uses airwheels that will pull you up with the thrust they generate.

Wheels Size

At the time of purchase you must keep the wheel size in mind generic hoverboards usually has small wheels which are around 6.5 to 7 inch in size. This is done in order to make the hoverboard smaller and efficient. This type of hoverboards are used on smooth surfaces and so people who like to use these on off surfaces may find difficult to hover. If you face problems in hovering at high speed then you must slow down and run it at low speed.

If the hoverboards have smaller wheels then it won’t be able to perform well at curbs or any kind of ups and downs. These hoverboards are available in two wheels sizes and that are 8 inch and 10 inchs. The hoverboard of different companies have different weights. If these are heavy in weight then they need more power to move and weight will make it more difficult to carry. Hoverboards are made to carry a certain amount of weight but they work even when someone above the weight limit is hovering it, though the driving and other types handling will suffer.

Are these Waterproof?

Water proofing is one more feature that we should consider while purchasing. Most hover boards have IP54  rating but this means these hoverboards can just handle a splash of water and noting more than that. Manufacturers of AirWheel say that their boards are actually waterproof. Which means one can easily ride them in rain. But we won’t advice this.