Do you want to design the perfect roller banner for your next event or trade show? Do you want to create a banner that stands out, which will draw attention to your company and your products? If so, you need to pay attention to the details. It is not hard to design a banner. It is a little more difficult to craft a compelling banner that really works for your company. But it is not impossible. Take a look at these quick tips for success.

  1. Give It Your All

First of all, don’t think of roller banners or pop up banners as something throwaway or not worth much attention. A roller banner should be designed with as much care as you would spend on brochure printing or other printing services. Remember that the banner will market your company and that it may be the first thing people see when they encounter you. Make an effort with design and this will pay off in the long run.

  1. Put the Most Important at the Top

When it comes to banner printing, the most important information should always be placed at the top of the banner at eye level where people will spot it first. You only have a few seconds to grab attention so this is where the offer or the headline should be. Use your logo here too, in the upper part of the banner.

  1. Go From Left to Right

Be consistent and logical with your banner design so that people will naturally read the information from top to bottom, and from left to right. Plan the order of information so that people can easily understand the message. The banner is generally tall and slim, but you can still make sure that the story is told from left to right and that the important information is at the top.

  1. Use Blank Space

It is not about quantity, necessarily, when it comes to roller banners. You do not need to fill every inch of the banner with text or an image. Make a banner stand out using white space as well as an image and text. You need your audience to be able to see clearly what you are offering. A cluttered banner will result in a missed opportunity.

  1. Use Quality Images

And when it comes to images, only the best will do. Use the best quality images you can find and images that are relevant and interesting to your offer and your brand. Picking the right image helps a lot when it comes to making a successful banner.