is an internet service that offers information about other websites. There are many kinds of statistic and data, but the main focus of the website is traffic-oriented information. Your website might benefit from such tests in order to be clear how well it is ranked among its rivals. Here are a few tips for using Alexa to improve a website’s traffic.

Using, you will be able to compare yours and your competitor’s behavior and if their websites are driving more visitors, to analyze the reasons for that and make changes to your website. gives information about the country of origin of visitors, time spent on the website and other interesting statistics. You can also find out about the owners of the websites you’re interested in, contact details, what kind of audience the website attracts, the related links and when it has been created. All this information could lead you to better know your main competitors, their advantages or shortcomings.

Tips For Using Alexa To Improve A Website's Traffic

If you want to perform better than a certain rival, check what kind of linking they use. This will give you an idea why they are receiving better traffic than your website, if your competitor’s links are from popular websites, this might make you follow the same way and copy this style. Do research and run tests comparing the links you use, and if necessary, make changes.

The extensive data about your website’s audience will give you the chance of finding out whether your business model is working. The statistics on Alexa show the gender and the location of your visitors and whether they are at work, at home or somewhere else.

More detailed information includes whether your visitors have kids, how old they are, and other personal data. This could be a great way to find your target audience, understand its needs and more successfully meet them and therefore to make your business more profitable.

These were just a few of the tips for using Alexa to improve a website’s traffic. This website is an important source of information and it can provide data for a really meaningful analysis. Another advantage of Alexa is that it’s free and while improving your business, you won’t necessarily sacrifice your budget.