Why do you want to become an iPhone parts distributor?

You probably want to be an iPhone parts distributor because you want to be your own boss by starting your own business or because you are a die-hard fan of iPhone and so you are just passionate about everything iPhone and you have probably created a reputation for yourself or you are already a distributor for other brands and so you thought adding iPhone parts to your catalogue will be a great idea.

Whatever your reasons are for becoming an iPhone distributor, this blog is about tips that will help you achieve this goal of becoming an iPhone parts distributor.

IPhone is currently the most used and sought-after smart phone brand in whole world which makes it the most popular smart phone in the market. This because it has a sleek, sophisticated and well thought design that actually appeals to a range of buyers.

However, before you can become an authorised Apple distributor you have to pass the minimum requirements, if you are approved you can then get accepted and buy iPhone parts at steep discount and resell them for a good profit.

But which iPhone parts are we talking about? Well I am talking all the iPhone parts available or the most sought-after iPhone parts to be precise. Some of the iPhone parts are listed below:

  • LCD Display Replacement
  • Home Buttons Replacement
  • Screen Protectors
  • Batteries Replacement
  • Camera Add-ons & Effects
  • Travellers Chargers
  • Jack & Connectors
  • Internal parts and flexes
  • Privacy Screen Films
  • USB Cables
  • Lighting Cables
  • Car Mounts & Chargers
  • Camera Optics Replacement
  • External Keyboards and Pens

Some of the things you need to consider when giving customers offers are as follows:

  • Better price in all your products – you can be able to offer better price by buying parts in high volume, this will attract discounts. This help you stay on top of your competition and provide better services without sacrificing quality.
  • Only supply customers with high quality parts – always strive to supply your customers with high quality part replacement for their phones.
  • Always try to be available – whether customers want to walk into your shop to choose and buy or whether they prefer to buy online so it can ship to them, always try to make sure that you are always available and your shipments are always on time.
  • Offer after sales support – even when customers buy your product, you can always offer support to them if they encounter any difficulty.

Before become an iPhone parts distributor, you need to about a minimum of %100,000 that is if you are buying directly from apple which ensures that you get the best latest quality iPhone parts you are sure of.

However, you can start with less capital if you will be buying from wholesalers, this will come at a cheaper price but you can’t trust the quality enough. That is why is better to go directly to Apple company.