There are few times around the year when everyone around you seems to be going off for a vacation, and deservedly so, especially during the summers and then around the Christmas vacation. It is during these times that you come to think how taking a few days off work and relaxing on the beach or hiking in the mountains can help you get more than rejuvenated. But then, you think of your low bank balance and depleting savings and get disheartened.

Not anymore. After all, the solution to your limited funds does not lie in skipping a holiday. In fact, taking some time off can actually do your mind and body, a great deal of good. All you need to do is merely manage your budget in a way that can help you travel to places, without burning a hole in your pocket. Wondering how to pull that off? Well, the tips given below can surely come in handy for you!

Save, Save & Save

Before the time comes to plan a vacation, you should always try to save as much as possible. This may seem like cliché advice, but the fact is, every rupee you save adds up to your final budget for the vacation. Hence, every time you and your partner ditch the Starbucks cuppa to enjoy some coffee at home, and skip going to the theatre and instead stream your favourite movie online, you save as much as Rs. 500! Now we don’t need to tell you, how this amount can quickly multiply into thousands of rupees, giving you the much needed financial freedom to plan that much awaited holiday.

Stay Real

Yes. This is the first thing you should be taking care of. When it comes to a vacation, it can be way too easy to be swayed by great pictures of exotic locations. This can prompt you to look for expensive travel plans. On the other hand, if you prepare a budget ahead of time, and stick to it, you will find it much easier to find destinations that are both, attractive as well as pocket-friendly.  Again, it isn’t always a good option to take expensive flights or book lavish hotels, you can enjoy flying budget airlines, and decent homestays as well.

Hunt Around

With multiple travel agencies and numerous online travel portals, you now have the unique alternative to get your hands on as many itineraries for a destination, as you can possibly think of. Hence, you should feel free to look for packages that offer you the best deal at the lowest prices. Moreover, almost all travel websites have various offers that you can avail to get discounts of up to 10-30% of the booking amounts. Make sure to use these offers to your advantage.

Plan Ahead of Time

This is one tip almost every travel industry expert swears by. The earlier you plan a vacation, the more are your chances of getting better deals. When it comes to domestic flights, booking made 54 days or before from the date of flying tend to be the cheapest. This time span is 90-95 days before the date of flying for international flights. Similarly, making your hotel bookings at least 2-3 months in advance can put you at a more significant advantage of getting some exhilarating deals.

Opt for a Personal Loan

As mentioned earlier, taking a well-deserved holiday can help you find that ideal work-life balance. Hence, if you don’t seem to have enough funds for your dream holiday, you can almost always look for a travel loan.

More often than not, people tend to rely on retail banks for such loans. However, the sheer length of procedures and required documentation by the banks can rob you of your valuable time. Thanks to online lenders like MyMoneyMantra, you can opt for Quick Personal Loans Offers and get them approved within a few hours’ time, so that your travel bookings don’t have to wait any longer than they should. Moreover, online lenders are known for offering much more attractive offers than conventional banks, especially concerning unsecured loans.

If you are new to the concept of travel loans or Personal Loans, let us tell you that you can expect as much as Rs. 50 Lakhs towards your travel loan. No matter the amount, you can conveniently choose to repay the same in the form of EMIs spread over 12-60 months of time.

Of course, before opting for such a loan, make sure to draw a quick comparison between 2 or 3 of the most trusted lenders, on the basis of factors such as tenure, repayment terms and conditions, interest rates, and additional facilities like foreclosure and prepayment.

It is our sincere hope that these simple to follow tips will help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest, without giving an unnecessary blow to your finances. So, kick start your journey to find best Personal Loan offers online that best suit your travel plans, and set off to see the world as you like it.

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