Do not call a painter! I know you look up and think it should not be so difficult. Join once! Paint the ceiling has some drawbacks (like your height obvious!) But it is not an impossible task.

If you are reporting first, you will be great! Learn all now put to work right away.

Before Starting to Paint the Ceiling

The truth is that one always thinks of the walls, but if you look up and see that the roof is no longer as white as in your days of glory or had leaks and repaired, is fundamental repainting. It is a more demanding task than when you paint walls, but not impossible, it is, once you start you’ll realize that it was not to fear him so much.

Start by clearing the atmosphere, because the furniture will be somewhat difficult to carry out. You do not have to empty the room completely, because sometimes it is impossible, but it takes the little things and all sorts so that they are not so many obstacles. What is left in that space must cover it with old sheets, which can stain, like the floor.

Next, remove any remaining loose paint. You do not have to be 100% perfect, because no one will look for defects or ceiling is expected to be completely smooth. While serving the best you can and then you paint well, it will be great.

Hands Work with Paint

Choose a day that is not wet to paint, and open the windows to let air circulate. To make the job easier can buy a small foam roller, because large become quite heavy as lead paint and more difficult over your work.

The more traditional paint color is white, which always looks good and illuminates environments, but does not mean yes or use that tone to your roof. You can innovate!

To start painting remember to wear clothes that can then throw away because surely several drops fall from above. Start in small areas, do not paint from side to side or disperses you too, because you can pass that when you look down to load paint roller, then not remember where you were going.

It is best to give two coats of paint, minimum. If you see that still stains or irregularities are noticed, you can give one or two hands, taking care to dry before repeating.

When you want to agree, you’ll have finished painting the ceiling and you’ll be barbaric! No matter you notice any imperfections, what really matters is that you made with your own hands, and you have to be proud of that.