Even for people who have been to the magical Disneyland, they may not be aware of a few pointers that can enhance their experience. For younger visitors, the place is simply filled with wonder, fun and magic. There are multiple tips that we can use when we visit the Disneyland in California. One of the best ways to get the best offer is by choosing the multi day Park Hopper pass.

There are so many things that we can do and see, when visiting the huge theme park. In fact, even in the low season, we need at least a 3-day Park Hopper pass to full enjoy the location. Ideally, we should get a 5-day Park Hopper pass to fully enjoy the location. This will allow us to see all the parades, shows and attractions that take place only at specific days of the week.

We may also use the Fastpass and it is one of the best things Disney has to offer. When obtaining the Fastpass, we get a ticket to all the most exciting and biggest attractions in the park. We will only need to insert the ticket to a specific booth for Fastpass and an additional ticket will pop out. However, we are allowed to get only one Fastpass per person at a time and we should use it wisely.

When using Fastpass, visitors could actually feel that they are a VIP. Fastpass should be purchased before we go on a vacation and we will be able to access special deals that are not available to standard visitors. As an example, there are Get Away Today Vacation deal that includes a bonus ticket. We will get a couple of early entries to the park and we will get a $20 discount.

There are different times that we can choose when we want to avoid the crowds. As an example, we need to avoid the Spring/Easter break, while choosing anytime between the Presidents day and the Memorial day. This should be an ideal time to visit the Disneyland. Another good bet is one or two weeks before the Thanksgiving day or a couple of weeks before Christmas. We may also visit the Disneyland about one week after the New Year ’s Day. However, many of us can’t avoid the peak season completely. In this case, Disneyland should be less crowded during the workdays.

There are best places in Disneyland, such as in front of the main castle. About two hours before the dinner starts, we may want to grab a spot in front of this castle. This is a good idea if we are already tired of walking and we want to sit down and enjoy the scene. We may also go to the Main Street and this is a good time for us to wait for a weekly parade. The Bakery Tour could provide us with free snack. We won’t only learn how people make sourdough, but how it taste when still fresh from the oven. Overall, Disneyland should provide us with plenty of great experience.