One of the most popular types of air conditioners used by people in India are window ACs. Although there are various other forms of air conditioners too, which include standing AC, split AC, portable AC, window AC continues to be a popular choice. There are several air conditioner brands that you can come across, when you go to buy a window AC; all of them will offer you a different AC price in India. All of those brands might seem to offer similar kinds of products, but each has an element of uniqueness, which has been listed below.

  1. Hitachi – This is undoubtedly one of the number one air conditioner brands available in India, they make use of state-of-the-art technology and provide air conditioners which are ideal for all kinds of weather conditions. The AC price in India for Hitachi air conditioners is nominal.
  1. O’ General – They form the second best air conditioners available in India, and excel in the cooling bit, due to its 3 dimensional air flow. You can find all the necessary features in O’ General AC’s as well; these too are priced at an affordable range.
  1. Blue Star – One of the popular air conditioner brands across the globe, and not just India is Blue Star. This might not offer you the cheapest of AC price in India, but can certainly provide you with a great cooling experience; it is one of the most preferred brands for central air conditioning systems in India, due to its classic long hour running abilities.
  1. Samsung – Samsung is one of those few brands which is offering users with standing air conditioners and split ACs only, both of which are not only efficient but also ensure super cooling. AC price in India for Samsung is a little expensive.
  1. Onida – This brand can provide you with powerful split air conditioners and commercial ACs. The window ACs offered by the brand are equally efficient and energy saving, the AC price in India for Onida AC is certainly affordable.
  1. Carrier – This is one of the not so popular air conditioner brands in India, although this brand has been existing for long, it is known mainly for its split ACs. A few of its best models come with anti rust cabinet and independent humidification features.
  1. Panasonic – This can offer you pretty much the basic of what all air conditioners can. The three different types of air conditioners provided by Panasonic include Cube AC, Split AC, commercial AC, and VRF Models.
  1. Whirlpool – Whirlpool is best known for its 3D cool technology; this can ensure fast as well as uniform cooling. In addition to this, it also has a 6th sense power saver.
  1. LG – A brand which is best known for its refrigerators is LG, the air conditioners from the brand are also equally good, and LG provides air conditioners with most responsive controls. AC price in India for LG air conditioners is much like the prices of other similar devices in the market.
  1. Voltas – Popularly advertised as ‘India ka AC’, Voltas air conditioners are ones with a few most needed features like LED display, auto restart, nano silver filters, anti dust feature, etc. They are cheap and reliable.

Final Thought: The order of these brands does not have to be taken literally, although there is no denying the fact that the best of the air conditioners in the market today are from Hitachi, it is not necessarily the most selling brand in India. All the brands mentioned in the list are not just the brands catering to the Indian market, but the ones which have been providing their customers with quality products for years. Majority of these brands are providing customers with multiple appliances and not just air conditioners, thus leading to an increase in their popularity as well as customer base. The AC price in India for all these brands varies across parts of the country, depending not just upon the user preference but also on the inflation in the state as well as taxes imposed. However, one thing that is ensured here is; the quality, in all the products offered.