It is one thing to walk into a store and get him just any gift and it is another to give him a romantic gift that he will really appreciate.

Keeping a romantic relationship is not a one-man business; it has to be handled by both individuals in the relationship.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a gift romantic, all you need is to be attentive and spend time to figure out which would be best for him.


1. Small but thoughtful Gifts

A romantic moment can be set with even little gifts, as long as you know the right one to use at the right time. It does not have to be large or too expensive; you just have to make sure that it is sweet and thoughtful.

Some of the ways to achieve this would be with a ring or wristwatch that will have a line engraved on it. Even a simple box with his favorite chocolates can make a great romantic gift.

2. Grooming Kit

What could be more romantic than assisting him take good care of himself? Unlike women, a lot of men do not take that much time and energy for a close, good moisturizing and shaving of their faces.

Go for a grooming kit consisting of all the supplies that he will need for a great facial treat. You shouldn’t just hand this over to him; the concluding and most important part of the treat is to help him with a sexily delicious, smooth face.

3. Bar Supplies

For the man that loves alcoholic beverages, a set of high quality bar supplies will be very appreciated. He will make romantic cocktails for two with it.

You can launch it with an evening lounging together, sipping cocktails just like in the movies.

4. Sweet Love Letter

When last did you receive a handwritten letter? Not to talk of a love letter written by hand. You should take advantage of this fact and write him a sweet poem or love letter.

Pour out your heart creatively in a letter, mentioning some important dates in the relationship. Go shopping for cute stationeries, design the letter creatively and make a nice envelop also. You can check for tips to writing a letter that counts.

He will definitely be very glad to receive this from you.

5. Get a Tattoo

It should be obvious by now if he loves tattoos or not. If he does, then the fact that a tattoo is a permanent mark makes it one of the best ways to show your commitment to him.

This could be an elaborate or simple design, or basically write his name. Just considering the hours of endurance you had to bear should be enough to melt his heart over again.

Surprise him with a mark that will not be erased forever. This is another way to prove that the love your have for him is for eternity.

6. Event Treats

You can set romantic mood with those events that he loves attending or taking part in. Some men love going to the opera so, you can simply find one with a romantic theme and get tickets for two.

It can be to the cinema to watch movies, or even his favorite sport team. Just make sure it is an event he loves and he will understand that you pay attention to his desires.

7. Musical Tribute

Most people believe you must have a certain musical skill or the other before you can achieve this idea. However, with the present state of technology you can make different kind of musical tributes.

My cousin had his wife make one for almost every member of the family and it was awesome. It became a line for conversation that is repeated at every family occasion.

You can do the same, or if you insist on making it by yourself, then you should use one of his favorite songs and add your own personal lines to it. It is not necessary for it to have a professional output, the humor and attempt alone is enough to get him amazed.

8. Love Coupon

You will make this by yourself and each coupon will be redeemable prior to certain events. You have the freedom to decide what will be on the coupons.

These could include chore free weekend, breakfast in bed, best meal treat, 2 hours back massage, kisses, 24 hours slave, get out of an argument free card, and so on.

The options are limitless; just select activities that will add spice to your relationship and romantic moments. However, I added some exclusive conditions to the back of some coupons.

For example, the 24 hours slave option will not be proper on a day when we have to be at work. So, this will have a condition behind it “valid only on weekends”.

The same would apply to the option of favorite meal treat; the ingredients for some meals take time to find. So, this can have “Valid after a day awareness in advance”.

9. Sexy Lingerie

Sounds strange to you, right? Of course the lingerie is directly for you, but he will benefit from this also. Go shopping for sexy set of lingerie and get yourself prepared for a romantic evening.

Get your manicure, pedicure and other female deals done. Afterwards, you can start by making him a nice dinner after work and watch the satisfaction on his face while he eats. Then you top up the surprise with your sexy irresistible lingerie for dessert.

10. Massage Oil

It is a good gift, but not complete without having someone to give you a massage. Who would you allow to give him a massage with the oil you give to him?

Of course, it will be no other person but you. Even if it won’t be a professional treat, he will still enjoy it and one good massage deserves to be shared.

Be ready to get a good massage also, and believe me, the excitingly romantic scent of the oil alone should be enough to get you both started.

11. Game Night

This would be like the usual evening of games, but just for two. You will have games such as strip poker, twister, naked beer pong, and so on.

The games will have additional rules such as taking off a piece of clothing after every win or lose. And don’t forget the fact that you have the possibility to set the rules as you feel will be interesting for you both.

Make it a night of lounging, feasting, drinking, and romantic games with your man.

As you now have this list of romantic gifts to select from, which of them do you see most appropriate for your man?

Among the ones you have given to him previously, which would you like to add to my list?

Feel free to leave a line or two in the comment section below.