Marketing is now shifting from offline to online, from traditional to digital and from newspapers to blogs. Well, these examples are enough to justify that digital marketing is gaining more importance. As people are spending more time on digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Digital marketers are heavily promoting their content on these platforms, this is done in order to generate traffic and leads. This is what’s happening in our world, so the aspirants who are actively looking out for a job in marketing executive jobs must strive towards how to do it better.

In the beginning, as a marketing executive, you will be executing the digital marketing plans of your company. These plans are made by your seniors and they will certainly encourage you to come up with a new idea. However, your most of the time will be spent in executing the ideas and portraying it on right platforms at the right time. So, here are some tools which you’ll need to manage your work efficiently and be productive.

Social Media Post Scheduler (Hootsuite)

As a marketing professional, you will be having several responsibilities and social media management is one of the crucial things. Therefore, saving your time by scheduling all the social media post will be a smart move. Online tools like HootSuite, mavsocial and buffer are some of the free to use on the internet. Here, you can schedule the date and time of your social media posts as per your plan. Just schedule your all the social media posts and save your time.

Grammar Check (Grammarly)

Sometimes while writing content on your MS/Google document you unknowingly make some spelling, punctuation and other grammatical errors. Your doc file will highlight spelling errors, however, other mistakes such as punctuation, verb and adjective are overlooked. Whereas, on grammar check tools such as Grammarly will show you other grammatical errors. You can avoid all the typing and grammatical errors within minutes before you publish your content.

Google Trends: Hot Searches

This is a live tool of Google on which you can find what is trending on the internet. As you open this site, you might get confused by looking several words flashing randomly. However, these words flashing are what the majority of people are searching at the moment. So, this tool can help you to create content on the trending topics to drive traffic to your website.

Google Analytics

You need to know how much and what kind of traffic is coming on your website, don’t you? On Google Analytics tool you can track everything, even from where the traffic is coming. Right from which country and through which medium the traffics is getting driven, can be figured out here. You can also track which marketing campaign was more profitable and what kind of actions are getting maximum response.


Email marketing is one of the most frequent activities done by an organization. This promotional activity is done to send out fresh contents to your subscribers. These subscribers are your prime audience and should be considered most important. Email marketing tools such as MailChimp can send the multiple emails to all your subscribers within no time.

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