Every time monetization is mentioned, every publishers mind thinks of YouTube, which should not be the case because it is not the only video monetization site that can gives constant supply of videos whenever you need then wherever you need them. There is diversity and the audience is shifting,, so if you want to stay ahead of your game, look at these monetization sites and put them into use today.


Yes, Facebook is fast becoming a popular monetization site, so much so that I stop to ask, “should YouTube be scared?” well, let’s leave that to the future. Currently, Facebook offers video developers 55% of all revenue generated in ads. Though this works with selected partners, there definitely will be a move to expand the program to accommodate more publishers. The beauty of Facebook is the generous revenue sharing and an already established consumer base. This is the making of the next big video monetization site.


One of the coolest video monetization platforms that allow users to create videos by using what is available in the platform’s library. All you have to do is to combine snippets into what you want then give it a voice over to give it authenticity. This makes it easy to create videos in the context of the niche that suites a particular website.


Brightcove has online marketing strategy right at the core of its design. It’s easier to generate leads when you publish videos with its Video Marketing Suite. This lets you drive traffic back to the site. This site accounts for SEO and social media sharing. The built in analytics make it easily possible to monitor activities on the videos. It is possible to stream videos live on this platform.


This is the platform that caught the attention of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to the tune of $500 million. Due to its acquisition by Facebook, there is the benefit of accessing the huge Facebook data. Any advertiser knows that people-based targeting works great, which is a reason why you should use it. For a publisher, there is the convenience of being able to optimize and monitor desktop and mobile phone demand sources, including third party demand sources and direct advertisers relationships, all from one place.


Fliiby is a publishing platform that enables you to monetize anything from audio content, photography and of course video. The platform is user friendly. All you need to do is to sign up an account with Friiby.com and start uploading content to build your online library. The site supports all formats. You can then embed video content anywhere using Fliiby Player. There is a community of Fliiby which you can connect to start building your audience, from then on, you make money every time your content is viewed as you kick back, relax and watch your revenue increase. There is no limit to storage as Fliiby allocates generous amount of storage space as you keep generating original and high quality video.

With these sites, you can make the best out of your video and reach the desired audience in your marketing strategy.