The largest determinant of success of videos posted on YouTube is the organic traffic they attract. Organic traffic are those views that land on your video through unpaid channels. This traffic can be attracted through a number of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Here are the top 5 tips to increase your video’s organic ranking so they show up higher in the search engine lists.

Naming your Video File before Upload

By default, when you upload a video onto YouTube, it takes on a generic name or the name you saved it as such as “movie001.mp3”. This ought to be changed if one wishes to maximize traffic of organic nature. Basically, using the main content of the video or the keywords in the name of the video is a strong way of indexing high in search engines.

Using Closed Caption Feature

To make videos accessible and comprehensible to all, YouTube introduced the closed captions feature for its video uploads. Using this feature, one can expand their viewer base to countries where the language used in the video is not spoken; with the help of subtitles. It also allows you to convert voice into transcript and vice versa.

Header to your Video

The search engine results are displayed after a series of calculations involving algorithms designed to display the most relevant results. To make sure your video ranks high in this list, you have to ensure that the title of the video is highly relevant. Two factors to consider – as given by video production expert – when deciding the title to your video are the content of the video and the nature of keywords people are likely to use in the search section.


Each video has an associated description to summarize the content of the video in text. This is highly relevant to organic traffic. However, do not indulge in long and elaborate descriptions for only the first 2-3 lines of the description are assigned importance by the algorithm. Thus, your videos have to be described aptly and in a relevant manner within 2-3 lines.

Research of Keywords and Tagging

You can analyze your keywords as well as use tagging to make the content and description of your videos more relevant to common searches in leading search engines. To learn more about these useful tips and maximize organic traffic, visit my YouTube page.