People with a classy set of choices often prefer timber doors because of their unique characteristics. These doors look natural and create a cozy environment. They are preferred to other materials because of the wide range of size, shapes, colors, and types of timber available in the market. These doors add an aesthetic value to your house and keep it warm. Wooden Doors are long-lasting because they have the least amount of thermal insulation. Thus, they do not expand easily and remain firm and stable for a long time. Unlimited colors are available for timber doors which makes it easy for people to match the color with their interior decoration or even the color of the building.


There are 2 different kinds of timber available in the market i.e. hardwood and softwood. Hardwoods are said to be much more resistant to softwoods to rot. They give a remarkable performance and adds an extra element of beauty to the doors.

The Top 6 Reasons Why A Person Should Choose Timber for Doors Are:


#1. Aesthetic Feels: Timber was used throughout the 19th century for doors. Today, however modern it is, timber doors provide that rustic and aesthetic feel to the person’s home. It adds a classical feel to the house and makes it stand out.


#2. Natural Insulation: While aluminum and UPVC doors need internal chambers, multi-layered cores and other kinds of additions to provide a high level of insulation, timber doors do this in its natural state. The wooden doors do not allow heat to escape the house. Thus, it naturally provides all that is required for insulation. Due to this, there is no need for external heating appliances and the house remains warm for a long time.


#3. Minimum Maintenance: Normally, the traditional timber doors needed high maintenance. People needed to repaint it, varnish it and even coat it in regular intervals. Now, there is no need for this hassle. Modern timber doors do not require any such maintenance. All that it requires is a repaint every 6 years or so. This enables the door to look new and beautiful.


#4. Sustainable: Usually, people relate timber doors to cutting down of trees. But it is not true. The wood used for the doors is engineered which was initially sourced from sustainable forests that are approved by government organizations. So, the potential buyer does not need to think about carbon footprints while buying wooden doors. The wood used for doors and windows should be approved by FSC. These act as a link between users and forests. Not using their approval, implies the use of illegal timber. 


#5. Easily Customizable: Unlike uPVC doors, these doors are easily customizable. There is no need to remove panels to change the look of the doors. As trends change, the colors of the timber doors can be changed too. Timber as a material has an advantage to be repainted, making it different from that of the other materials.


#6. Long Lasting: Timber Doors and windows can last more than 30 years easily. They act as a natural barrier to cold. They are versatile and more durable as compared to any other material. If maintained properly, they can last the wear and tear for a lifetime. Sometimes, they can last up to a century. UPCV is one material which doesn’t last long and fades away quickly. 


Thus, timber doors are often preferred over other materials because of their premium quality and aesthetics. They last for a lifetime and look ravishing at the same time. Wood is said to be a breathing material and thus prevents accumulation of humidity inside.