Fitness has very important role in everyone’s life. Almost every woman and girl desires to have a perfect body, but every lady does not achieve this goal because she lacks proper exercise and diet. So, to help you get the body you always dreamt, below are given 7 important tips that you should start following:

1. Start with activities you like

Exercising regularly is very important, but you need to know that workout is not something that can only perform by visiting gym. You just need to sit back and create list of some activities that you can perform, make sure you include one such activity in your everyday schedule. After performing such activities for few months, you should try practicing something else. As you keep performing these activities, you will gradually notice that you are getting fit by doing something you enjoy.

2. Try to limit smoking and alcohol consumption

Many women, who visit clubs or pubs and those who remain in office, have habit of smoking during breaks. What you need to remember is, anything in excess can create problems for you. If you cannot give up on smoking completely, try to limit it as much as is possible, and a woman should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week.

3. Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Just working out is not enough, you should also take proper diet to remain healthy and fit. Breakfast is most important meal in whole day, and you need to keep it as healthy as possible. Start your day with lots of fresh fruits. Fruits are rich in glucose, which will keep you active. You can also take some dry fruits to enjoy extra energy.

4. Try to keep only healthy food in your home

If you cannot resist eating every now and then, then keep healthy snacks in your house, and get rid of anything that will add unnecessary calories. Fresh fruits and veggies, or snack bars that are healthy should be within your reach, as they will not harm your health and fitness goals you have.

5. Start running and practice squats

If you run every day, it will strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and quads by improving your endurance and speed. Squatting is also very important exercise, which is performed by almost every woman as a part of her fitness schedule. Perform at least 10 set of squats to begin with, and you can increase that when you get comfortable.

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6. Drink lots of water

Water is very important for proper body functioning. You should drink enough water so that you do not get dehydrated. Moreover, water draws out toxins from our body, thus keeping us healthy.

7. Do not overstress yourself

An hour of fitness and health training is enough for every woman. Do not try to spend too much time in exercising, as that can make you exhausted and it will harm your muscles. Exercise as much as it is required, so that training sessions can remain effective and enjoyable.