WordPress is one of the top open source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and SQL. There are around 60 million online websites running on this platform and thousands of plugins are helping developers to enhance the capability of WordPress platform. These plugins are intended especially for the users who are lacking in expertise and are unaware of programming languages. However, the list also includes special plugins which are designed to cater programmer’s requirement. And in this article, we are naming and explaining few of them to make your task easier than before.

Disable Core updates

You mostly test your plugin/ theme in different wordpress versions. At times, people often get irritate with constant reminder from WordPress about the updated version at the top bar in case they are having older version. This notification can be called off by simply disabling core updates.

Log Deprecated Notices

If you are currently using WordPress, you must know that some files resting in WordPress directory are completely wasteful. But do you know the process of locating those files? The fastest way is to install Log Deprecated Notices plugin. This plugin module will help you in getting all deprecated calls along with respective path and function.

Theme Check

Theme check is one of the most essential plugin for both the developers and users. This plugin makes the task of testing a theme with the latest wordpress version used by user easy.

Beta Tester

Beta tester offers you a way to get engaged with WordPress beta Testing. This allows you to early check compatibility of the recent theme or plugins with latest wordpress version.


This plugin will check on all the essential developer plugin installation when you specify what type of developer you are. It also suggests other useful wordpress plugins for developers.

Query Monitor

Query monitor plugin offers additional column at the top of the wordpress toolbar. It showcases all database queries, debugging data, and performance, HTTP request, authentication cookies, PHP errors, etc.

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