Most people who have a lovely house like their garden to look the part as well. It complements and showcases the house when the garden is beautiful and in great condition.

It is very common in homes these days to have some type of water feature in the garden as a highlight, whether it be a pond, or a stream flowing to a pool perhaps with a waterfall.

Not always in the front garden, but more so in the back yard, it is becoming increasingly popular to have an outdoor space that can be lived in and comfortable, with beautiful features set within for viewing pleasure. These spaces almost always incorporate a water feature of some sort.

It is wonderful to be able to cook in an outdoor living room, or sit out on a sun chair, and have a lovely garden with rocks and a water feature at which you can look.


Ponds are a beautiful addition to any garden, but part the task of keeping your pond looking great is to keep the water circulating and not let it become stagnant. A pump will be needed for the task, and a pump from a quality range such as the Aquamax Eco Premium range is just the thing.

If the water in your pond is not filtered and circulated properly, it can attract pests like mosquitoes to nest and live near the water, and the area will become much less desirable to spend time near.

Water Courses

When there is a pond in the garden, sometimes there will be a watercourse or stream, usually man-made, that leads to the pond to keep it full of water.

It is necessary for the water to flow along the watercourse to keep it clean and natural. When the water is flowing, it will also discourage insects from staying in the area, and won’t get a stagnant smell or algae cover on top.

A natural stream will do this on its own, but a man-made watercourse will need some help to keep moving, so a pump will be needed for that task.

Energy Consumption

Another thing to take into consideration when planning your outdoor space is the need to use equipment that conserves energy, which will help assist in keeping your electricity bills lower. It will also help the environment to conserve energy, so it’s an all-around win.

Quality pumps should also be conservative in energy use while doing a quality job looking after your water – keeping it moving, filtrating it, and circulating it in a natural fashion. This enables you to have a beautiful-looking water feature that will definitely create a “wow” factor when visitors and family come over to visit, but to also have a relaxing and welcoming area for yourself when you are at home making the most of your outdoor space and garden.

It is nice to know that there are a range of quality pumps available, so you can find one in a size to suit your needs that will help with energy consumption at the same time.