Being a smartphone user, I believe this is the best development so far which has made everything available to me just by pressing a button. The smartphone is a powerhouse package and people really enjoy using it.  Smartphones have captured the interest of all kind of people. To the oldies by providing religious channels and new channels.

From the oldies who love watching religious channels to the women who want cooking a recipe or the kids who want entertainment. Everyone loves this magical device. The more interesting part which is added to the smartphone is gaming zone.

It has so many apps which are adventurous, exciting and entertaining which keeps people glued to it. The best among this is Traffic Racing Simulator 3D App which could be downloaded from 9apps games section.


Presently 2 versions are available for this app. The app got its last update on 7 October 2017. It requires an android which has 2.3 version or more. It is rated as 3 plus for content rating.

The special features

It has special features of Traffic Racing Simulator features. With this version, there are new ways of highway racing introduced in it. It actually has supercar collection which makes it more fun. It gives you a feel or real racing and stunts which is something crazy. The dynamic control offered by it is the best.

What is Traffic Racing Simulator 3D all about?

This is free of cost racing game in which you are required to drive the vehicle off the highway to compete with the traffic rush available on the streets. This game actually helps you to experience complexed zone where you get a job to push automobile on the highway where you can get the experience of actual racing in an automobile.

 3D lovers

For the people who love racing plus 3D mode, this game is a power pack in which you can fulfill all the fun which you are actually looking for. It is a simple new way where you drive your vehicles with other cars and enjoy.

Booster is present in it.

This game has a booster which helps you to drive a car like as if you are flying. It has so many other features which are in your control. They are just pretty amazing and interesting. For the people who want to pass time in the best possible way, this is perhaps the best activity.


Thus to conclude, this game is a must download. You can do it from 9apps. Though the social media has a number of apps this one is the best where you can experience maximum fun.

Once you start using this app you will definitely forget all games related to car racing, actually, you will forget all the games as it is so captivating. This game is actually a joy package which can be used by all the age groups as it is interesting and makes you glued to it.