Tiles have become one of the most commonly used items used to enhance the décor of rooms. People are moving towards installation of tiles in their homes. Now a day’s people are not only using tiles at their bathrooms tiling but also installing in their rooms. Domestic tiling is most commonly found in the bathroom tiling but the recent trends show that tiles are being used in increasing numbers in the other rooms of the house. There are now an incredible number of materials being used for the manufacture of tiles.

  • Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic tiles are actually created from clay. Along with clay, they are made of mixture of clay, sand or other natural material. It undergoes a lot of firing in order to create the tiles.  Now a day’s the ceramic tiles have a layer of glaze on them. The layer of glaze protects the image or design that is printed on the raw tiles. Ceramic tiles are often the most common type of tiles used for domestic tiling purposes. These tiles are also the easier tiles to use. They are popular for use at both wall and floors.  At the same time, they are cheaper. Ceramic tiles that have been glazed will not require any special tricks for maintenance or even sealing.

  • Porcelain Tiles

    Porcelain tiles can be manufactured in a variety of ways. Porcelain tiles are either glazed or full-bodied tiles. Glazed versions of porcelain tiles are generally used for the walls. Just like glazed ceramic tiles, these tiles too do not need any special procedures for maintenance. These tiles are just like ceramic tiles but has rate of absorption less than 0.5 percent. Sealing is unnecessary as well. The color for the glazed ceramic tiles is for only a single surface. Full-bodied tiles on the other hand have the colors printed on both of their sides. These tiles are meant for domestic tiling purposes and they can be either used for the interior walls of the houses or the exterior ones.

  • Composite Stone Tiles

    These stone tiles are specially engineered by companies. Most of these tiles are made from a mixture of stone, resin, cement and a number of other additives. There are three different finishes available for these domestic tiling items. The types of finishes are honed, matte and polished. The surface of these tiles can have a variety of interesting textures. These tiles will require quite a bit of maintenance. Additionally, the surfaces can get damaged when exposed to sunlight. These tiles must be used inside the house. Sealing and maintenance procedures need to be performed on a regular basis.

  • Natural Stone Tiles

    These tiles are created from the stone materials found in nature. The slabs of a particular stone are cut into the required shape and size. A variety of finishes can be applied to the tiles which is mainly dependent on the kind of stone used to create the tiles. Since the tiles are made from natural stone, the texture and the exact color of the tiles can vary from piece to piece. The stone tiles are often filled with synthetic materials in order to correct any faults on the tiles. These tiles will require a lot of maintenance. Sealing is important as well.

Types To Consider When Ordering Domestic Tiling

  • Granite

    Granite is a very hard and dense kind of rock. An incredible array of colors is available for granite. This material is quite impervious and it can withstand scratches once it has been polished. Granite domestic tiling will be perfect for rooms that will see a lot of traffic such as the kitchen.

  • Marble

    This kind of rock is also available in a plethora of colors. It is however more porous. Kitchens cannot use marble tiles unless they have been honed properly.

  • Limestone

    A limestone tile will have an earthy kind of appearance. The density of limestone is quite low and these tiles can become stained quite easily. It can accumulate scratches quite fast as well. These tiles should be used in places that do not oversee a lot of traffic.

These are the types of Domestic Tiling. If you want to know more than take a look at our tiling guidelines. It will providing you helpful tips.