Entrepreneurs across the world need to follow an effective approach in order to run a sustainable business. There is a certain tendency of companies compelling to a definite social mission, whether it involves health, environmental, poverty, social disparity or other supportable initiatives. The balance of making profit and investing time for the social causes has now become an integral part of almost all types of entrepreneurs.

Anura Leslie Perera is one such person who has been a successful international entrepreneur and at the same time has supported the social causes in order to bring about an improvement in the society. Anura started his career from Caterpillar, Inc., a company in Zambia by selling construction equipment. Later on, he entered into business, where he has efficaciously built an international company that consists of a sensibly engineered network of business partnerships. With several businesses and substantial assets in continents such as the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa, Anura uses his success to profit the lives of others who are less privileged. He supports the Triple Gem Society which is supported by the Buddhist monk Bhante Wimala. This is a benevolent and charitable organization which is devoted mainly to the victims of disaster relief and reconstruction, as well as poverty alleviation.

A study on this says that businesses with a strong social mission have a competitive benefit such as:

  • Employees always want to work for a greater purpose and want to know that their work makes a difference. It has been found that staffs who are happier work more in a smarter way.
  • Customers favor companies that make an optimistic impact on the world.
  • Company would be getting more recognition in the global market.
  • When employees are part of a bigger mission; they feel their contributions are making an impact in the world; and thus they feel inspired.
  • When staffs engage in social good activities, they are proven to become more inventive and cooperative leaders.

This is why Anura says that as business citizens of the world, it is the responsibility and duty to serve the societies where the business is done by assisting to improve, for example, the life of citizens’, their education, health care, employment, safety, as well as their future prospects.

Being an active supporter of the social causes, Anura Leslie Perera identifies public difficulties and applies business insight to get them resolved.

Ambitious entrepreneurs as well as those with established track records should reflect fairly upon their support for the social causes. By identifying areas for improvement, they can actively increase the social skills that may be delaying their progress within a business world that values personal relations. Thus, the success of the business may depend on the community services. Surveys done on this suggest that the companies that are highly successful now days know how to think differently and how to strike a balance between business and community services.

Thus, follow the footsteps of Mr. Perera in order to become a successful entrepreneur.