People are always looking to find better ways to renovate their houses. They seek innovation and a way that will make their houses stand apart. One of these ways is called plantation shutters that are an upgrade to your windows. Instead of using glass windows, they use rails and stiles. These come for a cheap price too and do not need regular attention towards their maintenance. The main purpose of having these shutters is that they can regulate the temperature of a room by controlling the entry of light within. Also, they look way more attractive than curtains and stay there permanently. You do not need to spend time on taking them off or cleaning them and they can be a good way in saving your bill, too. 


How to Use it?


These upgrades are not restricted to a particular type of weather. You can use them at your own will, but you have to understand how these plantation shutters need to be used based on what time of the year you are in. During the colder part of the year, you must allow the light to enter whenever you see the sun outside. However, if the sun starts to go down or gets covered by the cloud, you must immediately shut the shutters. This will prevent the heat that has been seeping through to stay intact within the house. Also, this is a major bill saving technique as you would not need to turn on your heaters for long.



Plantation Shutters

During summers, the process has to be reversed. Since you would like your house or room to be cold, keep the shutters shut when the sun is shining bright. As soon as it goes down or the weather eases to a more comfortable temperature, you can open them again. Based on how you would want the temperature to be, you can open and shut these plantation shutters. You can be assured that they will not allow the exchange of heat whenever they are not open.


Additionally, for you to be able to use them, you need to know the correct dimensions of your window. There are various frames that you can use based on your liking and get in touch with professionals who can assist you in doing the job. 


Types of Shutters 


Based on the comfort and budget, you can go for two types of plantation shutters available.

  • Conventional – A conventional shutter is controlled by hand. You will have to open and shut the louvres by yourself. You can even open the complete window if you like. These are available in multiple designs. They can be placed anywhere from your bedroom to the toilet. Based on the strength of the material, you can use plantation shutters to control the outside sound that enters your house.
  • Remote controlled – These are the modern shutters that are available in the market. You can control the amount of tilt in the window or louvres in the shutter from your remote. You can do that from the comfort of your sofa or bed. Also, you will get every feature that is available in a conventional shutter. However, they will be slightly more expensive when compared to them.

Thus, based on your choice and preference, you can choose plantation shutters as per your budget. The upgrade does sound extremely useful and offers so many advantages to it. However, for you to ensure that you take the benefits of those facilities, you must know what your product is. This will be a major benefit not just in acquiring knowledge but helping you decide the type that will suit you.