Virtual phone number is a private phone number or secondary phone number associated with your existing unit. To using this virtual phone number, user does not need to have any other hardware device or new telephone. You may use this virtual phone number on your existing unit using any software in your phone. Many software are in the market so that you can enjoy the all facilities that are given by virtual phone number. Using virtual phone number, a user may be able to transfer his or her calls to any other number. Virtual phone number is usually used by users for enabling long distance conversations on the phone so that you may charge local call charge. Suppose, you are living in south India city and you have virtual phone number for north India city. If you call to any person in north India using that virtual number, charges will be incurred as local call charge.

Use Of Virtual Phone Number In Call Center

In different countries, virtual phone number is known with different names. In India, call forwarding to any number is known as virtual phone number while in US, this facility is known as follow – me numbers. In UK, call forwarding facility to another number is known as personal numbers. You can create any virtual phone number by your own. No need to go any telecom company office to get this virtual number. Just download any application for your smart phone from the google play store and choose your phone number and enter you preferred location so that you will enjoy the calling facility with lowest charges.


Virtual phone numbers are generally used in call centers for international calling purpose. Call center services are outsourced to support third party service providers. For using third party services, telecommunication is the best way to communicate from one country to another but telecommunication bill demands lot of money for such purpose. So, call centers uses this virtual phone number so that incurred call charges will be cheap and charges may be same as your local call charge .As time zone for each country is different, user may set time slot using virtual phone number and call from any customer will be transferred to any other country for communication purpose. Number of customers will call on the same number may be at the same time in any call centers. Call center services uses this virtual phone number facility and transfers all incoming call to other phone numbers or recorded call so that all customers will be able to talk to customer care executive.

Number of applications is placed on the google play store if you want to enjoy the virtual phone number service. You do not need to pay anything for downloading such applications. All virtual phone number applications are free of cost and they require some little space in your phone. You will enjoy this virtual phone number service on any of your smart phone either on android or on iOS. Desktop applications are also in the market for this service.