If you love to travel and explore the glorious history that each place has to offer, then You might have traveled to Amsterdam already, as this city has hundreds of monuments that speak volume about its celebrated past.  If you haven’t, then here is a reason for you to visit.

The main and the only reason is VanGogh Museum, which is one of the utmost symbols of Amsterdam – the cultural capital of Holland. Van Gogh museum has been named after the artist Vincent Van Gogh, whose paintings are displayed everywhere inside this historical place.

The art work done by this artist has made this historical place one of the most popular museums of all times. This museum gives visitors a chance to get drowned into the beauty of artworks, something that true art lovers dream about.

What is Special About this Museum?

It is a huge place with thousands of artwork by Vincent Van Gogh. All his paintings are displayed in three floors, and are arranged in a chronological manner. You will be amazed to know each year almost 1.6 million people from all across the globe come to visit this historical beauty of Amsterdam. This huge number of visitors to the museum has made it one of the world’s top 25 popular museums.

Recently, this place has been renovated and a new glass entrance hall has been made to make it easy for visitors to view the artworks. With enough said about this place, the time has come for you to buy Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam Tickets. Get your tickets to the world of splendid artworks that include 500 drawings and more than 200 paintings. Not just the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh, you will also find works of other artists here.

Why Everyone should Visit this Museum?

Well, people who love Van Gogh’s work have plenty of reasons to visit this place in Amsterdam. Those who aren’t really fond of this artist work also have many reasons to check out this place once in their lifetime. You are surely not going to regret it. This is because:

  • The modern building of this museum has beautiful history floating around it. It has been designed, completed, and again renovated by three different legends of the country. For someone who love history, this place is just a must visit.
  • You feel very calm and amused inside the museum as not just the artwork but entire aura of this place is so soothing.
  • There is free Wi-Fi in the museum means you can just sit and relax here and do your work too.

Special Friday Evening

This museum is open till late on every Friday, during the peak season. It is always better to go to this place with tour guides. This will help you explore the hidden beauties inside the place, as these guides know every nook and corner of the place. You can book tickets from Musement Amsterdam, as they offer best deals for the visit. Not just the tickets to museum, they have best deals for hotels, cars, local travels etc for the visitors to make their travel a fun and hassle-free affair.