Video and video production is the hands on marketing that we face today. No marketing strategy is complete without the presence of a strong video content.If you think even for a second that online videos and animation are just the new modern day hype, which will fizzle away in sometime, then you are living with hysteria. The idea of animated videos and online video content is changing the way people operate and market in the online world. Many social media platforms are not only bringing newer ways and modern mechanisms to make amazing video content, but also different ways to advertise them and reach to a bigger audience.

Brands who have worked on animated videos are on their way to changing their fortunes as well as the way they interact with their target audience. Such is the persistence and relevance of online animated videos and video content. Most respondents in a survey based in U.S claimed that they would prefer to watch a video or see an animated message in comparison to a simple post, a written document or an info-graph even. So there is no denying the fact that animated and video content is on the rise especially in the digital world. Today’s blog is going to talk about major reasons why these online animated videos are becoming such a common trend now.

Our Brains Respond Better to Animated Videos

In a scientific experiment taking several respondents as part of a large representation of the audience, it was discovered that a group of people who were exposed to a video message had a better and more active brain activity compared to those who were exposed to the other content and forms. This means it is clear that our brains respond better to video animated content and this is why we remember the message for a long time. This is also the reason, why we stop ourselves to see the full video rather than just going away from it.

Voice and Animation Convey Rich Information

If you are trying to convey an important information with a brilliant way to remember, then voice and animation are the two things you will need. These two elements in the video can make or break your message, so for any message to be remembered and taken seriously, it must have a strong animation and voice. Therefore, this is one of the major reasons why animated videos are the new trends in the online world. You can certainly make sure that your messages are better reached and understood when you incorporate the elements of voice and animation into it.

Movements Grab Attention

Something which is static and not moving, but just giving simple information is never going to grab anyone’s attention. This is why billboards are losing their efficiency and recall value. In comparison to that, anything which is moving and animated will instantly capture the attention of your audience. Hence, animated videos again can prove to be the ultimate game changer if you want to grab more attention.

Extended Lifecycle

Animated videos have a better life in comparison to messages on posts and texts. They can be viewed again and again as well as played or marketed across frequently. When you talk about the lifecycle of the content which is based on a video, then surely there is no comparison. A video content, be it on the social media front or on your website, will obviously live for long compared to the other forms of conventional content. This is why the preference and choice of videos is much more than regular content in the modern day internet marketing world.

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