Email deliverability or getting inbox placement is an area where every ESP has to work on a regular basis. As we know getting inbox placement is the only way to retain customers, as there are very few people who will find time to check spam or junk mails. Here we are going to share some tips which can help you in getting inbox placement.

  1. Use double opt in Form: Make sure that you are using double opt-in form, these forms helps us to confirm the interest of customers in our product. I.e. while using double opt in form, a confirmation mail is send to customers, and they need to click on it to get added to the data base or else their subscription doesn’t get confirmed.
  2. Filter out hard bounce after one Trial: Hard bounces arises when a mail send to an email id get bounced back because the email id doesn’t exists or was deleted. Make sure you filter these mail ids because as the number of hard bounce increases the chance of getting into spam folder also increases.
  3. Filter out soft bounces after a few Trials: Soft bounces arise when the mail is full or is not available for some reasons, like server down. Soft bounce are not as dangerous as hard bounce, but it is suggested to remove them after multiple trials.
  4. Filter out subscribers who haven’t opened the mail for a long time: If a customer doesn’t open your mails for a long time, it is a clear indication that customer has lost interest in these campaigns, you should then leave them as the response rate is less and the chances of getting into spam folder is higher.
  5. Avoid Spam Traps: Spam traps are those email ids that has not been used for a long time. These email ids are taken over by ISP or anti-spam organization, any mail send to this mail id’s is declared as spammers. If ever you happen to send mails to such mails you will get into spam trap, make sure that you database is filtered.
  6. Use consistent, relevant sender name and Email Address: Don’t use mail ids such as [email protected], your sender name and email id should be genuine. It will enhance the credibility of your campaigns.
  7. Send from a consistent IP address with good Sender Score: Use a consistent IP address.
  8. Use clear Subject Line: Use subject lines which serves the purpose of the campaign. Subject line should be clear with not more than 40 words. It should be easily readable and understandable.
  9. Don’t include Attachments: Avoid the use of attachments, because there is no one who will open any attachment in a campaign.
  10. Avoid spam Words: Avoid the use of common spam terms such as Free FreeFree. Using spam words will straight away send your mails to the spam folder.
  11. Keep Message Size to 40KB or less: It doesn’t mean that your messages should be less than 40 KB but still if its size is less it can be easily opened, use small size images and minimal texts to attract more and more customers into it.
  12. Avoid purchased Lists: Don’t ever use a purchased list or database, because within a purchased list there are n number of possibilities to get hard bounce, soft bounce or even spam traps. Always use genuine mail id that have been developed from your own efforts to ensure lesser number of bounces and spam traps.
  13. Instantly process Un-subscription: Once a customer request for un-subscription, don’t make them wait for a week to get unsubscribed. Accept the un-subscription request as soon as they request for that.
  14. Avoid over Mailing: Sending more than one mail a day can be categorized as over mailing, people won’t open more than a mail from the same sender, as the response get delayed they gradually gets into the spam folder.
  15. Be Mobile Responsive: Make sure are you are responsive, why would someone even open a mail which he or she cannot read properly when others offer readable mails. Make sure that your mails are totally responsive before you send one.

Ways To Improve Email Deliverability Of Your Email marketing Campaigns

These are few steps and ways to improve email deliverability of your Email marketing Campaign. Each and every email marketing company in India focuses more on deliverability, some might be doing all the above steps, but for sure some might be missing a few steps too. Hope this can help you to bring better deliverability and better response from customers.