Web development and web design: by juxtaposing both terms, you’d come to realize two slightly related subjects but with partial differences that looks so obvious. Now let’s have this both topics, titles and subjects in discussion and see how they implementation of both would make a great difference in business and why just one – won’t really stand.

What is Web Development:

In the same style as I have begun; I’d like to follow the same thread of simplifying my writeups in order for it to be beneficial to both IT rookies and people with a bit or more understanding on IT industry. Web development primarily means the art of developing a website/web application using modern technology programming languages like C, C++, Java, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, MYSQL. There are other core coding and programming languages used, depending on the requirements of the website development project.

Call it backend website design and you’d still be quoted right for that! Web development greatly focuses on the “backend” or core development and security of the website. It involves the programming and hence; the reason why website developers are also called programmers.

What is Web Design:

On the other hand: the portion of the website you’re able to see when you open a web location via any of Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Maxthon browser is called the interface of the website. Website designers make use of intuitive technologies and design languages like CSS, HTML, Angularjs, Javascript and a few other libraries in order to achieve a professional and standard website design.

Website designing barely has a relative contrast to website development. In the layman’s explication; it especially means something that contributes to the beauty of any website. With the combination of CSS coding and HTML ; you’re able to customize images, texts, layout, and each element of the webpage. You can give desired colors, hue, contrast, font size, animations etc.

Web Design or Web Development:

When planning your business website development goals, it is ideal to put the services of of both parties in full consideration. The services of website developer is as important as that of designer. In the event that you own an ecommerce online store or portal; the images and pictures and other useful components that helps to attract readership on the same hand. With effective website design services on your website, you’d end up coming out with a stunning looking website that’ll be able to sell you a million dollar in your ecommerce business.