Summer camps aresupervised program for teenagers or children and these programs are conducted during the months of summers in many countries including the United States of America. The children and teenagers who are attending these programs of summer camps are called campers.

What Are Summer Camps and The Specialized Activities Being Provided

Traditionally people associate summer camps with a woody place in which there are outdoor activities such as hiking, campfires, canoeing etc. However this image of traditional summer camps is now evolving and these days a variety of many new summer camps are being introduced and are also being accepted by people. These newer summer camps offer a range of different specialized activities. The basic purpose of many camps is cultural or educational development. A summer camp environment can allow children to take many healthy risks in a nurturing and safe environment. These newer summer camps like camp Dumbo include specialized activities such as:

  • Performing Arts:

Summer camps offer specialized activities of performing artssuch as theater, dance, circus, music, rock bands and so much more.

  • Magic:

Magic summer camps offer magic classes and all the activities pertaining to different aspects of magic. There are experienced professional magicians at these camps who teach a wide range of different magic activities to kids ranging from the simple card tricks to the stage illusions. After attending these magic summer camps kids can then perform disappearing acts, levitations, escapes and even the most popular and dangerous of all magic acts; sawing people in half.

  • Computers:

The Computer summer Camp programs blend technology learning along with the fun summer camp activities for creating a well-rounded camp experience for children in summers.

  • Language learning:

The language learning summer camps offer a great introduction to the different languages and cultures to the younger learners. In these camps expert staff leads the children through an experience of immersion which they’ll never forget.

  • Mathematics:

These camps for mathematics are held for those for students who are interested in exploring the various different fields of Mathematics.

  • Special Needs Programs:

The special needs summer camp programs are for those children who are having special needs like developmental disorders, learning disabilities and for those children who have autistic spectrum disorders. These programs offer a supportive and safe group setting for kids with these diseases and any other development disabilities.
Activities include the weekly swimming sessions with a certified counselor, drama, art, sports, music, cooking, yoga, dancing, reading, computers and many other fun activities and games which are held with the supervision of a professional and a highly trained staff member. These programs enrich the children and build various communication skills, engage the children in social interaction in a much focused surrounding and along with having fun.

  • Weight Loss Programs:

These summer camps offer programs directed towards helping kids lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and gain back their self esteem.

  • Religiously Affiliated Summer Camps:

There summer camps are also religiously affiliated, and are run by Christian groups and different denominations of Judaism groups.

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Sara who is a teacher, counselor and a blogger writes on best summer camp in Brooklyn.