Facebook is increasingly becoming popular as a marketing tool for a business. Where properly implemented ads can turn out to be very beneficial for your business, but improper implementation can’t give you desired results. It is a mere wastage of your marketing efforts and money.

Not Targeting the Audience

This is one of the most common types of mistakes with FB ads that most of the businesses do. It is very important to always categorize your audience properly. This would save you from failing in your marketing strategies and losing money.

For example: If your business is into women’s clothing then you should aim for large groups of women who like specific brands, stores, and fashion designers. This will not just help you reach your targeted customers well, but will also get desired response from them with respect to your Facebook ad.

If you are not sure about the type of customers to target, then try trial and error method. In this method, you can target a lot of different audiences to test what works and what does not work, on a small scale. In small amount of time period and by spending little money, you can easily determine the right type of customers to target and increase business profit.

Not using The Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is a smart marketing tool that is important for the success of Facebook advertisements. Facebook pixel is rated much more powerful, profitable and impactful than your customer’s email list!

By installing Facebook pixel to your business website, you can easily communicate with wide range of audience and learn the places where do they gather, which social media websites they use and what are their other interests. You will be surprised with the precise targeting and detail you get with its pixel data.

With the functionality offered by Facebook pixel, you can even show your ad only to those people who have visited your sales section and left without making a purchase. A user can get several different variations to get profit out of implementing this marketing method. Its remarkable feature makes it a big part of the entire sales and marketing strategy.

Use of YouTube Videos on The Website Landing Page

It is a bad practice of using YouTube videos on the landing page, homepage, or a blog post of your website. This is because when they click the video, they are directed to a different page that lists related videos. The users go on clicking the videos to get information and so, forgets about your website and the message you wanted to give to your audience.

If you really want YouTube videos, then the best strategy would be to keep the videos on only YouTube. Don’t keep it on your website. Same thing goes with Facebook videos as well.


Knowledge of common Facebook advertisements would definitely save you from any of such mistakes. Assistance of a reputed and professional web design and marketing company would help in designing impactful ads to benefit your business manifolds.