No matter big or small, a large range of options are available to get hosting for your website. Web application, or even mail server. Amongst all, the most common option is shares hosting where a number of websites share different resources on a single server.

But when a company looks forward to more control, it may be needing a service provider who may help it with dedicated hosting. By attaining the dedicated hosting services, the client tends to rent a server from that dedicated hosting provider and eventually has exclusive use of resources from the server. Not only that, but also the provider gives RAM, CPU, and the disk space to clients as per required. The provider eliminates a business’s upfront cost of purchasing their own server, builds and maintains it for them.

The best web hosting company shares some advantages of using dedicated hosting services.

  1. Enhanced Performance and Security

When you select a dedicated hosting provider, it guarantees you maximum uptime for the website. Often, shared hosting could be the best option for the websites with low to medium traffic. But if you receive a huge chunk of traffic, then dedicated servers are something that provide you more stability and reliability than others.

Also, you are assured that you are not sharing any space with malicious websites or some spammers. It allows you complete security, which is particularly important for the companies handling sensitive information over SSL or FTP.

  1. Not Shared Server Resources

A dedicated hosting provider gets you the full resources of a single server so you don’t need to worry about other websites clogging up the RAM and CPU of the server. You know that the bad scripts running on other websites won’t slow down your server.

  1. Flexibility

It is a dedicated hosting provider that allows clients to customize their server accordingly to their unique needs of RAM, CPU, software, and disk space. They are allowed to choose the software and platform that they really need with more control over the configuration of their dedicated server.

  1. Unique IP Address

Each server comes with its own IP address; however, the shared hosting makes you share the IP address of other multiple websites too. And if any of your neighbour sites is a spam, it may affect the rank of your website by pushing it down.

With a dedicated server, you enjoy having a unique IP address that is extremely important for e-commerce websites requiring SSL for processing of credit card.

  1. No Overhead for Any Purchasing or Maintenance of Equipment

When a company is looking for a dedicated server but doesn’t have enough time or resources for managing it − dedicated hosting is the way to go. You’ll be able to access the resources of a full server at low cost. By handling the cost of building and maintaining the server equipment, it reduces the overhead of a business for purchasing server space and also improves the return on investment.