A thesis statement forms the central part of a research paper. It is argumentative in nature and has to be written in a succinct and concise way. One has to know the right way to write a thesis statement to bring about an effective, engaging and interesting research paper.

Learning about the commonly occurring mistakes in the thesis statement would help you prevent them in your research paper.

Selection of a difficult topic

This is the common mistakes that students do when writing a research paper. Sometimes the student selects a heavy topic to impress others in their discipline. It becomes very difficult for a non-specialist or people from different academic disciplines to understand it.

So, the key to an effective research paper is to select a topic that is of their choice and is commonly understood by everyone.

Improper organization

Students mistakenly think that thesis proposal is sufficient to serve them as a guide. They do not come up with a definitive action plan to complete their thesis. The right strategy is to get organized and make a specific action plan where each task and the material used in completing the task has to be named.

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Not following the action plan

Even if students create a specific and targeted action plan for the successful creation of thesis, they fail to follow it. It is advisable for students not to disregard the plan and the corresponding schedule. By following the plan in a diligent way, one can be rest assured of the flawless execution of the thesis.

Not submitting thesis drafts within the specified deadline

Submission of the assigned work within deadline is very important to save one from bad remarks or loss of marks. This is the common mistake that students do while composing their thesis. Procrastination and postponement of the deadline adversely impact the quality of the thesis.

After a certain time, students realize that they don’t have sufficient time with them and complete it in a hurry. To get your thesis considered for the exam and save yourself from being guilty, it is important to submit it on time.

Not monitoring their progress

Another mistake that students make while writing their thesis is that they fail to evaluate the progress of their thesis. They usually evaluate their progress when prompted by their adviser. To achieve excellence in writing thesis, it is required that a student monitors its progress on a periodic basis.

It is also advisable to consult the concerned authorities and panel on a regular basis. Also, get useful inputs from them regarding their submission. Following these inputs and suggestions will help a lot in enhancing their performance and also to prevent unnecessary delays due to non-compliance.

These mistakes can divert your attention from the objective and prevent you from executing the paper to its perfection. To master the process of writing a thesis statement, you need to avoid these pitfalls.