Your garden should not just be made up of grass, plants and flowers. Instead, you can make your garden stand out with some paving. There are a number of reasons that you can do this:

1) You might want to have a walkway from your back door to the garden.

2) You might want an area that you can sit and enjoy the sunshine. This area could also be used as a place for you to have some meals with your friends and your family.

3) You will be adding value to your back garden. This is going to be extremely useful if you are looking to sell your house in the near future.

There are lots of different paving options that you will want to consider. When you are looking for landscaping near me in Clacton-on-Sea, the professionals will assist you in making the final choice and then they will install the paving on your behalf.

Stone Slabs

1) Stone slabs are the first option that you have. These slabs can be used as an area for you to put tables and deck chairs when the weather is agreeable. This will be perfect when the weather is great.

2) The stone slabs need to be durable and they should resist the weight of any garden furniture that is going to be placed on top.

3) The stone slabs can be put into place by the landscape gardener in a way that you are completely happy with. They will show you a wide range of colours and finishes that you will be able to choose from.

Wooden Planks

1) You might decide that you would like a natural and rustic look for the paving in your back garden. This means that wooden planks are going to be your best option. The wood can be treated in several different ways so that you either have a light finish or a dark one. The choice is yours.

2) The landscaper will advise you on the type of wood that is going to suit your back garden. You can choose planks of wood that are sustainable and that are made from recycled wood.

3) The landscapers will then be able to install the wooden planks to your complete satisfaction and then you will be able to sit out in the garden.

Plastic Decking

1) You might also choose to have some plastic decking to complete your patio area. There are advantages to this type of decking. It is not going to get eroded by the weather and it is extremely easy to be laid down.

2) The landscaping service is going to assist you and they will make sure that the plastic decking makes your garden look stylish.

3) The landscaping company will install everything and they will make sure that you are completely happy with the choice that you have made.

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You can hire a landscaper to install a wide range of different decking options in your garden, whenever you feel like it.