Everyone has heard and accepted that the Mother Nature knows best. When we especially talk about the human beings, plants and all natural things, God has made wonderful processes for their development, their food systems and above all the lifestyles. There are some systems that are basically learned by the human beings to fulfill their demands. Scientists and other people that are involved in these processes are trying to involve themselves in it. For example, when we talk about the power of sun, technologists are struggling and trying to develop a system that actually copies the processes made. It is obviously not an easy task but yes, necessity is the mother of invention. Now we are using solar panels to harvest energy from sun.

Scientists with the help of different experiments consumer electronics companies have recently made a mind blowing artificial photosynthesis system that acts as a useful industrial chemical for the textile and agricultural side of industries.

Working of the Artificial Photosynthesis Systems:

It is really easy to understand that how this amazing system works. It uses basically a nitride semiconductor and there is a catalyst made of metals with this. This system works in two steps. Firstly, it will generate the energy and capture the CO2 and converts it to formic acid.

Formic acid can be used as an antibacterial agent. It is used in the poultry and cattle industry and is used to preserve feed. Formic acid is also used in some cleaning products. Also it is required in the production of leather.

What Artificial Photosynthesis Systems Will Actually Do?

So, basically in various companies, artificial photosynthesis system works in a way that the light first shines in H2O and then it hits the nitride semiconductor and triggers a reaction. It will then separate water molecules in two components that are oxygen and hydrogen.

Then the catalyst made of metal forms carbon dioxide reduction, and carbon dioxide then gets reduced. In the end, the oxygen, hydrogen and carbon when combined, creates the formic acid.

Construction of Artificial Photosynthesis Systems:

All of the giant industries that are using this artificial photosynthesis work in a way that first it captures and converts the carbon dioxide industrial sources and incinerators to make some resource from the waste. It has got an added advantage as this process will reduce the amount of emission caused by industrial carbon dioxide. It is really helpful to keep the environment clean and healthy.

Right now the system is able to convert the CO2 into formic acid with a conversion rate of 0.2 percent. Scientists hope that this level will be increased in the near future. This conversion rate may not be high enough as per the commercial use. This latest technological process of artificial photosynthesis system is actually a try to copy the process that plants and the other natural organisms like algae and bacteria have been doing since their birth.

What Artificial Photosynthesis Systems Will Actually Do?

There are some organisms that are known for their photosynthesis systems. They include plants, bacteria and algae. These are photosynthetic environmental organisms mean that they actually capture the light from the sun and then convert light energy that is coming from the sun. Later on they convert it into storable fuel. Amazingly with the help of photosynthesis, all of these organisms can make their own food with the help of carbon dioxide and water. God has made beautiful system of photosynthesis that allows this organism to live and grow. This process is also important for life as the process of photosynthesis produces oxygen as a waste and releases it to the atmosphere.

Need of the Artificial Photosynthesis System

Artificial photosynthesis has used this idea by using sunlight as an energy input. It produces solar fuel that is saved and stored for a later use. It can also be used to create some important chemicals as mentioned above in the form of formic acid.

Research done in this technology helps to focus on making fuel based products such as methanol, carbon monoxide and methane. As the world has become a global village where there is a lot of requirement of energy whether in the form of fuel or electricity.

The demand of energy is growing day by day. It is becoming increasingly important to be free from the fossil fuels. Every single industry is trying to produce more and more energy from renewable sources. There is always a challenge when you try to mimic the God created processes like its transportation, its storability and many other things. The specific requirements are needed to fulfill the artificial photosynthesis system as well. Now, the world of industries is turning to all alternative energy measure like coal, wind, hydro waves and others to enhance their businesses. Luckily, these energy sources are God made and still available in large quantity in some places.

What Artificial Photosynthesis Systems Will Actually Do?

 The future of Artificial Photosynthesis Systems:

The future of Artificial Photosynthesis Systems is very bright depending upon its usage and understanding about the process. The great advantage and the attraction of the solar based products are very important for the scientists and the environmentalists. These advantages are the chemicals and fuels. Using solar power for different purposes saves energy. We can use the solar energy based products even if there is no presence of sunlight.

There is a dire need to do more research in the field of artificial photosynthesis systems. New technologies and innovations are required in order to make this dream come true. In this way, it will be more practical and beneficial. It can only become a worldwide phenomenon if new developments should be done in this field. Scientists all around the world are going forward for a perfect natural process that can help the humanities by producing an environment friendly and user friendly artificial photosynthesis systems.

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