When you are running a small business you have no doubt heard a lot of terms surrounding finance, money management, and budgeting. One term that comes up a lot for smaller companies is invoice factoring. If you are a commercial business and you send invoices to other businesses or commercial individuals, you could benefit from this form of finance agreement. Find out more about invoice factoring, or invoice finance, and the advantages for your business.

All About Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring or finance is an agreement where you can convert the amount tied up in outstanding invoices into cash. It is a way to free-up capital that would otherwise be unable to be used. Invoice finance is usually available to commercial businesses that are running a profit and have a reasonable turnover. Invoices issued to other businesses that are due in less than 90 days are considered.

Advantages of Invoice Factoring

Invoice finance is flexible, so you can use it only when you need it, and at times when it is particularly difficult to manage expenditure and income. You can access smaller, more flexible amounts, at times when a bank loan would be inappropriate. Invoice factoring is also easier to arrange than a bank loan, and a cheaper way to borrow money than using cash advances or an overdraft facility. You can access the money quickly, and use this money to pay your bills or to build your business. If you would find it hard to qualify for a business loan, invoice finance can be easier to get hold of – the terms and requirements are not so restrictive, according to ultimatefinance.co.uk.

Invoice Finance Considerations

When looking at different invoice financers, it is important to check if there is a minimum amount needed from invoices. If you have a small business, this can be a factor to consider. Larger businesses will not find this a problem. Always check with the supplier the full costs of the service. A professional invoice financing company will be upfront about all fees, so you won’t be surprised by hidden costs. In fact, an invoice finance agreement is a good way to raise cash as it is easy to control and easy to plan. Compared to the overdraft or bank loan, where fees can quickly get out of control, an invoice finance agreement is easy to manage.

How to Choose an Invoice Finance Provider

Research the possibilities carefully before you sign up with a finance provider. A variety of different options exist that provide slightly different terms and charge different fees. It is a good idea to choose a provider with years of experience, and expertise in your industry. A provider that is easy to reach and offers good customer service is preferable.