I was recently having a coffee with a good friend of mine and I told her about this guy I’ve been seeing. It was more than obvious that I was in seventh heaven and that I thought this time it could be serious. All of a sudden she asked: “So, did you send him a night sms?” I paused as I obviously wasn’t aware of the fact that sending a text message late in the evening was some sort of a step forward in a relationship. I guess years of not dating took their toll.

It actually makes sense, if you only think about it. Night is that time when you relax and unwind after a stressful day at work. You don’t have energy for doing anything meaningful, but you’re not ready to go to bed yet. Is there anything better than receiving a late night sms from someone you’re really fond of while decompressing on your couch? It’s like a sweet reward after a day spent working hard, running errands, or just stressing out over everyday stuff.

What Is So Special About Sending A Night SMS To Someone You're Falling For

It’s also a time of contemplation and intimacy. During daytime your mind is occupied with prosaic things like job tasks and to-do lists, but when you get home, take your shoes off, and pour yourself a glass of wine, thoughts and feelings start coming in. A romantic night sms is a perfect addition to the atmosphere.

What did I tell my friend? Yes, of course I’ve texted him in the evening. That’s the time I know he’ll be at home and that I wouldn’t disturb him while he’s busy with other things. I always write something sweet or quirky, just to let him know I’m thinking of him. When we first started dating I wasn’t always the first one to text. You want to know if the guy really cares and you don’t want to give away you’re totally into him right from the start. It’s a good idea to reciprocate and be a bit tactful at the beginning. So sometimes I’d wait for him to send me something. I’d start looking at my phone already at 8! Now I don’t care. Actually, I send him a message whenever I feel like it. By the way, a great thing about a night sms is that he or she can save it and look at it whenever they want. I caught myself numerous times browsing through some of his older texts when having a rough day. It really picks me up!

Are there any rules for sending a night sms? I’d say it’s smart to avoid cheesy and impersonal texts. Let it come from your heart and don’t be afraid to show how you feel. Remember also that night is a time of repose and quietness, so be gentle and leave schedules, plans, or problems for the morning. If feeling uninspired, you might use it to wrap up the day for example. In any case, do write at least something. He or she will be glad and will probably be looking at the phone!