As the title says, what you are wearing under your yoga pants is not something that should grab public attention. The fact is that yoga pant is a tricky piece of fitness wear that requires users to keep many things in mind, while buying one. You get to select from a wide varieties and that too from several top brands. Thus the selection of an appropriate yoga pant becomes a challenging task.

Few brands may give you the best fabric but lack in styles, some will give you style but the fabrics will be of poor quality. In such situations, buying a yoga pant that is perfect and not designed from transparent fabric indeed becomes difficult. There are some trusted brands like the Fabletics in the market that offer Yoga pants of supreme quality. Their products are not only stylish and comfortable to wear, but are also reasonably priced. You will really feel the difference when you do your workouts with these premium clothing products.

Now, let’s understand the thing hiding inside your yoga pants. Yes, we are talking about the undergarments. When you buy cheap or poor quality yoga pants then you end up showing your underclothes, while performing the stretches. Undoubtedly, you will agree how embarrassing it would be to notice someone at the gym or yoga centre staring at your bums. Therefore, it is advised that you invest in good underwear for your yoga pants.

Types of underpants for Yoga

There are many types of underpants, which you can wear under your yoga trousers. These underpants will save you from the embarrassment of wearing transparent yoga pant. Few of the styles, which you can choose are:

Boy Shorts

These shorts are a little longer than your typical briefs and come very handy when you are worried about that dreaded panty lines visible from your yoga pants. The line of these shorts ends at the top of your thighs. These shorts are very comfortable to wear and support every yoga moves. Even when you are doing full stretch, the lines will not be visible on the yoga trouser you are wearing.


These are like your everyday underwear. The only difference between your regular and yoga briefs is that latter come in seamless varieties and is made of soft fabrics. They almost feel like a second skin on the body. Even when you wear very tight fitting yoga pants, these briefs will not be visible.

Built in underpants

These are probably the best option you can go for. Many of the popular brands make yoga pants with in-built under pant. With these yoga pants, you do not require to wear underwear at all. With one pant, your two purposes get solved. These are super comfortable too. You might feel a little uneasy in the start because you are not wearing underwear. However, this awkwardness will fade away once you experience these yoga pants for a couple of yoga sessions.

Hide your assets from everyone’s notice. Invest in a good quality under pant for yoga and stretch freely!