Coordination, speed, reflexes, confidence and high intelligence are some of the features that are needed in fencing. Fans of the sport say that fencing is a sport that has a great popularity right after chess. Hero Outdoors tents will explain it to you in details what fencing really is.

For a beginner to start practicing fencing he/ she needs a mask and sword and to do that professionally, they will need special suits, overshoes, pants for fencing, gloves and mask. A complete specialized fencing suits cost 300 dollars and more, and uniforms are measured in newtons durability. The smallest durability of a fencing suit is 350 newtons and they are cheaper while those with 1,600 Newtons are more expensive because they have greater durability. Ever since the first edition in 1896, fencing is a sport that is part of the Summer Olympics. Although it exists for more than a hundred years and is part of the history of three centuries many people do not know about fencing and what a great sport it is.

According to the type of weapons used in fencing there are three styles of fencing with sword, foil and saber.

In fencing, there are three disciplines and they vary according to the weapon used in the fight. The most popular style is the sword fencing, and in this discipline, you can give points on the entire surface of the body, wherever they hit you the points are applied. The second discipline, that uses a foil weapon, gives points only on the upper part of the body, from the waist upwards, not including the head, arms and legs. The sword is the least represented weapon and it is rarely used by people who practice fencing. During the entire fight the fencer need to be physically very high, and it lasts 9 minutes and during all those minutes the fencer should be fully concentrated on what he / she is doing.

The best time to start practicing fencing is somewhere between the 10th and the 12th year of age. If the individual is older than 12 years, they will struggle and it will be very hard for them to learn to practice this sport properly. It should be noted that the training of this sport is conducted the same way as the other sports. It can be practiced 2 times a week, three times a week or every day depending on the time and the availability of the individual.

Results can be expected after only one or two years depending on how seriously and regularly the individual works and trains.

The skills and reflex are the things that are mostly appreciated in a person who is good at fencing. Naturally, as in any sport it is important to be in a good physical condition to be able to achieve good result. It should also be noted that the equipment for fencing can be a bit pricey, but once you buy a quality equipment it will serve you for years. Make sure you choose high – quality products.