There is pin drop silence in the room, everybody is trying their best to focus on the exam and then suddenly it happens. There is no stopping now. The inevitable is here! You start COUGHING. Initially it seems just like a normal thing (unless you are way too loud, in that case God save you!) The longer it continues the more you curse yourself. Some might offer water, while others might give you a stare in return for the disturbance you created for them. Nevertheless, all that matters to you is when this will stop and you can just go back to pretending that nothing happened. However that doesn’t happen but something else does. You wake up from your sleep, continuing with the cough, but with the relief that it was just a dream. Oh and the examination is today. This is one among the many awkward situations we come across when suffering from cough. So why not fix it?

Before answering that question, let’s get a better understanding of what really happens and why does it happen. Cough is a normal reaction of our body in order to free the throat from any Phlegm (mucus) or other irritants. However the extent to which it prevails decides how bad it is. It can be caused by an allergy, a viral or bacterial infection. In other cases, it might not have anything to do with your lungs. Either ways, the treatment varies with the causal factor.

Cough caused by infections holds a majority. The treatment for the same can be done with over the counter medicines or home remedies. People prefer home remedies mainly to avoid chemicals. However this is when Torex Cough Syrup comes into picture. Manufactured for cough relief, it has been formulated, keeping in mind the ayurvedic treatment. Given the wide variety of options available, why go for this syrup in particular. Well it lies in the fact that its constituents make it the most effective amid the various options. It has in common with the home remedies 2 chief ingredients. These include:

  • Honey: though known to aid in sore throat, a recent study suggests that it has proven to treat cough better than over the counter medicines. It can also be taken along with other things to make it more effective. For example: hot water, lemon juice, ginger juice etc.
  • Basil (Tulasi): tulasi has known to be an integral part of ayurvedic medicine from time immemorial. Among its various benefits are:
  • Fights common cold and sore throat
  • Dental issues treatment
  • Headaches (especially due to sinus)
  • Stronger hair
  • Insect bite(owing to its anti-bacterial properties)

The application/ consumption of tulasi in each of these cases vary.

In today’s world where humans outrank vegetation, the above ingredients might not be readily available. Consuming the same in the desired ratio might be yet another task. This is why Torex Syrup seems to be an ideal option. So next time we see our loved ones or ourselves struggling with cough, I hope we know what to recommend!