If you were to choose between buying a car or bike for your kid, which one would you go for?

One thing I know is that kids love toys so much that even when they grow up to be adults, they still love toys just that this time around the toys are real (meaning real bikes and cars). Sure enough, if you buy your kid either of the two they will be so happy.

Every parent wants the best for their kids and also wants to see that their kids are always happy. One sure way to achieve this is by buying a bike or car for your kid.

Back to the question above, between a bike and car, which one would you buy for your kid? I think it all depends on the parent or better still you can as well just ask your kid which he/she prefers. However if you follow the route of asking your kid, they might end up requesting for the two so you might want to decide for yourself.

Personally I think bikes are more essential for kids when they are at their young age of 2-4 because they will be able to learn how to balance and also build self-confidence. Bikes also help kids to build muscles, which is important at their tender age.

Though cars are a good option, it really depends on which one you want to go for. Most especially when it comes to gifting your kid a birthday present, he/she will definitely be thrilled to have a car as a birthday present.

Honestly I remember my childhood when I used to ride one of these Ferrari or Lamborghini battery cars, I think that was one of the best part of my childhood days. Am sure the same feeling will occur in the mind of any kid.

Cars for kids to drive are really amazing and I recommend every kid should experience it at that young age because the feeling will last up till their adult years.

So it really depends, when you are thinking about health wise, the bike will be the right choice. However when you are thinking about the experience, the car will be a better choice.

As a parent, the best choice is to go for a bike (for example balance bike or tricycle) when the child is about 18 months to 3 years old, then afterwards you can get a car for them. I think this is a better decision.

Cars for kids to drive are the best gift to surprise a child of 4-5 years old with. I think that night, both the parent and the child will not sleep because of how happy the kid will be. I know so by experience.

Every kid loves to have a car. These days the toy cars don’t have to be pushed by parents, kids on their own can drive these cars indoors or outdoors on their own as the cars come with a rechargeable battery.